Flash ads? Never really liked them to begin with and quite frankly have been rather irrelevant for several years now. So irrelevant to the point that Google’s Chrome browser will now automatically pause flash ads. Yes, starting September 1, 2015 Chrome will by default halt any flash-based ad media.

Google Chrome Flash Ads

The once so popular multimedia technology will soon see its officially demise. A piece of interactive media that companies were so inclined on using in the earlier days of the web. Remember when you would see those annoying flash ads all over your browser? Given, at the time it seemed like a viable approach for advertisers to marketing to their target audience but not any longer. According to Venture Beat, Google Chrome’s market share surpassed 25% as of early this year. The fact that Chrome will now auto-pause flash media by default may play a devastating role in digital marketing endeavors for certain brands.

In reality though, Google Chrome will not block all flash content by default. For example, certain embeddable rich media files such as videos will not be paused. Certain files that are paused though will offer a manual play option. A couple of months ago Google Chrome introduced an option to automate pausing of flash ads so this was definitely coming.

Earlier this year many speculations circulated indicating how extremely bloated Google Chrome really seems. Perhaps the suave move towards omitting flash ads by default is one way for Google Chrome to improve upon its speed and performance.

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