Terrestrial media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines drive consumer interest and generate awareness. TV and radio ads particularly spark interest in a consumer towards a specific brand, product, or service. Such behavior invokes search intent forcing consumers to interact further online by seeking additional information. Typically such behavior also occurs on a screen the consumer has available during that time of interaction.

Google’s Adometry Platform

The Adometry platform allows for cross-channel integration with ability to merge and measure both online and offline user behavior. Brands can tap into holistic information allowing them to capture, review, and measure user performance across multiple marketing channels combined. Brands can leverage such valuable data to determine user behavior, trends, patterns, and ultimately able to embark upon intelligent marketing decisions. Adometry is certainly considered to be a recent Google acquisition having joined the search giant’s arsenal in early 2014. Another monumental move for Google to solidify its continuous pursuit of innovation in the modern business marketplace.

Harmony in TV & Digital Ad Attribution

Identifying the influence traditional media has on consumers has been a dilemma brands have strived to resolve for some time. Last year Adometry announced TV attribution capabilities inside its platform. This new feature will allow brands to measure the digital impact from consumers as result of traditional media such as TV or radio ad. Since then, the TV attribution capabilities have evolved even further as Google has recently integrated search query information. The newly incorporated search query data combined with Rentrak airings data will allow marketers to establish better correlation to the impact of traditional media campaigns.

Google has recently formed an alliance with Rentrak. The leader in data management for TV airings and other traditional media. This new partnership will allow Google to integrate the Retrank TV airings information within the Adometry platform. Essentially allowing advertisers to merge the gap between online and offline consumer interactions.

New Search Behavior & Search Analysis Insight

Traditional media drives not online awareness but also invokes emerging search trends. The newly added Search Behavior and Search Analysis information within the Adometry platform allows marketers to capture minute-by-minute user activity. Search Query data integration can assist advertisers with pinpointing new keyword data that can be further utilized for additional SEO efforts. Imagine having the ability to merge user activity from TV interaction all the way up to an online action that may have led to a sale. In the midst of it all having thorough insight into the user’s path, capturing specific information, evaluating cross-channel performance, and being able to determine the user’s entire behavior.

The new Search Behavior and Search Analysis capabilities in the Google Adometry platform play a groundbreaking role in digital marketing endeavors. Not only that but being able to close in the gap on consumer interaction as they flow through the sales funnel – Awareness, Interest, Purchase.

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