Digital marketing continues to dominate the marketing industry. It’s on high demand and brands are quickly realizing the potential behind digital marketing initiatives. When I first started out with SEO back in 2006 the concept of digital marketing was practically unheard of. Quite frankly traditional marketing still continued to dominate and remain the majority. Certain memories remind of the constant usage of “internet marketing” lingo around the office at the time. 

I never entered the digital marketing field for money reasons. It simply evolved as a second nature and something that i’m truly passionate about. It gives me great level of satisfaction considering the ability to assist other business owners leverage the power of the web to maximize their brand visibility, awareness, and lead generation opportunities. Fast forward a few years into 2013 and the magic began to happen.

The Digital Marketing Revolution Audio Podcast

The concept of the show had been in a brainstorming stage for the majority of last couple of years. Like anything else it was in need of finding its place within the pile of To Dos on the good ol’ agenda list. Finally I’m able to get around to it and put into action. The format of the show will focus on digital marketing as a whole. Individual areas of focus will include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, Media Buying, E-Mail Marketing, and more. Practically anything that falls within the digital realm . Length of show will not exceed 45 to 60 minutes max. A primary goal for achievement with this podcast is to spread a wider message to others in the stratosphere. Specifically small businesses striving for success on the web.

The show is set to launch in the first week of January 2014. It will be a weekly broadcast with a variety of industry experts stepping in to share industry insight. I’m absolutely ecstatic about this and psyched to bring a vast amount of mind blowing content to you in hope to grow the footprint of your brand on the internet. As it stands, the month of January looks booked up with some phenomenal guests. Individuals that have been able to dominate solopreneurship and leverage digital marketing avenues to amplify their business exposure.