Brands are continuously on the hunt for finding different ways to engage with new customers. Especially in today’s competitive marketplace where a variety of avenues are available for consumer engagement. As part of the digital marketing mix, it’s imperative to funnel in targeted advertising that’s aimed at reaching a designated audience interested in the products or services you offer. Google AdWords advertising provides companies with ability to communicate with their customers and new prospects.

About Google AdWords Advertising

Consumers utilize search engines like Google for comparison shopping, finding new products, or services. Google dominates nearly 70% of the search market therefore presenting untapped potential for companies to reach those specific consumers during the time of their search. Google Ads appear across the top, on the side, and bottom of each individual Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Each time a user performs a specific search they will be presented with a set of targeted ads related to their specific search query. The prime real estate space is occupied by advertisers bidding in an auction-based environment to the attention of those users.

Google AdWords advertising is a budget-driven marketing initiative. Costs of advertising are determined based on the search volume and competition within those specific industries. For example, the Average Cost-Per-Click for ‘shoes’ may be somewhere around $30-$40 while in the ‘automotive’ industry it may fall around the $70-$100 range. The higher the competition in one given industry, the pricier CPC costs are for each individual click occurrence on an ad.

Benefit #1 – Targeted Reach

Google AdWords advertising makes it easy for companies to reach a specific target audience of demographic. Using the right set of keyword terms paired by compelling ad copy provides appealing messaging to potential customers. When those specific users search for the products or services that you offer, they will be presented with targeted messaging pertaining to their individual search query. Unlike traditional marketing methods, companies are capturing the attention of a targeted audience.

 Benefit #2 – Cost Efficiency

Marketing can quickly turn into a money pit without having a solid grasp on expenses. Fortunately, with the Google AdWords advertising platform advertisers have the ability to control costs with an ease. Setting a daily spending cap will ensure dispensing of allocated monies without going overboard. Therefore from an advertising perspective, companies are able to control costs with an ease.

Benefit #3 – ROI Tracking

In today’s digital marketing world, brands are concerned with monetization. The Google AdWords advertising platform provides the ability for seamless integration with Google Analytics. Such feature enables advertisers with ability to track user activity, monitor emerging trends, and identify new patterns. For example, with Google Analytics, advertisers are able to track specific keyword terms deemed profitable. The goal funnels feature provides specific attribution information to establish association with AdWords activity. And that’s really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ROI tracking.

Fortunately for me, over the last seven years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of brands including Charter Communications, AT&T, Audible, and Maritz to name a few, on their Pay-Per-Click marketing initiatives. Like SEO, PPC requires three things for success – Time, Money, & Patience. While Google AdWords advertising yields nearly immediate results, it requires a vast amount of optimization to lower costs and segment a designated audience interested in your products or services.