ep 001 | believe it to achieve it with monica byers | 01.02.2023

01/02/2023 · 2 min read

Monica Byers is the President and Owner of Sugar Creek Transportation, Inc. and Mother Trucker located in Southern California. Sugar Creek Transportation, Inc. is an $18 million per year entity since 2014 with 125 trucks transporting freight for companies such as Amazon, Anheuser-Busch, Costco, Target, and UPS to name a few. Mother Trucker is a company focused on improving the quality of life for all truckers out there.
Sugar Creek Transportation, Inc. and Mother Trucker did not appear magically into the marketplace overnight. Back in college, Monica Byers wrote a business plan about starting a trucking company one day. Perhaps some entrepreneurial inspiration and motivation from her late father who was a fellow entrepreneur and business owner of several entities of his own.
After getting a loan for a couple of trucks, as they say, the rest was history. Monica Byers quickly found that her prior freight broker experience and ability to negotiate would go hand in hand. With lots of hard work, long hours, resilience, heavy relationship building, and other talented and motivated people, she was able to build Sugar Creek Transportation, Inc. into an $18 million company as of 2022.
Mother Trucker is a fairly new company. As of 2022, the all-new Mother Trucker Software is available to all truckers. A software designed to help truckers stay compliant with their paperwork at the tip of their fingers. Also in late 2022, Mother Trucker launched its all new apparel line.

key lessons from this episode

  • Why being intentional is extremely important.
  • What a business plan can do for your future business.
  • The GOOD and the UGLY of business nobody talks about.
  • The importance of relationship building.

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