The last couple of years have been extremely interesting for me. After a major roller coaster ended for me back in 2010, it seemed like the winds turned in a completely different direction. It was a difficult time full of many challenges and plenty of uncertainty. Career wise, I was doubtful whether or not I had reached my fullest potential, fearing what may arrive ahead, and most importantly the direction I was meant to veer towards. In a sense, I felt lost with a lack of direction. Frustration and anger were the two most common encounters on daily basis that seemed to hunt me endlessly.

Then, as some may call it, a miracle occurred but one that was difficult to comprehend due to the fact that it felt so unreal. Things began to change and a multitude of positive encounters followed. So, in reflecting upon the occurrences in my Life over the last couple of years, I have several things to be thankful for on this particular Thanksgiving.

1. God

He remains at the center of my entire Life. An immense power that encourages me to try harder each day, put forth everything I’ve got to be more accomplished and successful, and has changed the course of Life on a grand scale. It’s easy to forget how much God impacts the course of my Life but I always attempt to stop and remember the empowerment he has put forth onto me.

2. My Wife & Family

After my divorce back in early 2010, I felt a bit lost. It seemed to me as if the last seven years of my Life with my ex-wife were nothing more than lost time. There was a lot of doubt and lack of confidence on my end that prohibited me from reaching my fullest potential and truly being myself. However, God had to be watching over me during that difficult time. It was a few months later when by pure accident I met a wonderful woman who later became my second wife. Someone who has impacted my Life significantly. In the midst of all of this commotion though, my parents and sister stood by me with unconditional love and support to help me get thru such difficult time. I consider myself extremely lucky for having such compassionate, supportive, and loving family.

3. My Job

In 2012 and 2013 there was a vast amount of frustration happening in my career. First, in 2012 the position I was in felt like a dead-end road even though initially seemed like a great opportunity. Don’t they all though until you’re fully settled in and have a thorough understanding of all the politics. So, being in such position with no light at the end of the tunnel felt quite a bit discouraging. Change was bound to occur and it was time to look for a new position. Then, in 2013 just when I was under the belief that an ideal position was intact, indeed I also discovered that it was not really suited for someone like myself who particularly values quality over quantity. Finally, in early 2014 is when the break I had hoped for came about at last. Out of pure coincidence I was introduced to a gentleman who happened to be running a small agency approximately a ten-minute commute from my home. Being a firm believer of the fact that certain things happen for a reason, I realized that these chain of events were unfolding for a certain reason. And, obviously this particular interaction led me to my current job holding a role of a Chief Search Strategist. One that entails in being the driving force behind the brand’s digital marketing initiatives.

The entire mentality behind my methodologies consists of the fact that if you believe in God, work hard, have a plan, and execute strategically, then the rest will align itself. On this Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on all the great things that have happened over the last couple of years and reflect on those occurrences.

I wish you, your friends, your family, and  loved ones a…Happy Thanksgiving!