Four days ago I announced my 28 day detoxication challenge in lieu to Easter. The goal is to refrain from any sort of alcohol consumption. After visiting church this past weekend and listening to our pastor talk about upcoming Easter weekend it really made me realize that I should put myself through a simple test. Undeniably, I’m a drinker but not an excessive one. Beer or a glass of Merlot tends to hit home with me on evenings or dinner outings.

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It has been four days now since I made this pact and thus far the force is strong on this one. I have to admit though that temptations have kicked in on several occurrences. But, even on this fourth day I remain diligent and focused on the task at hand. As a matter of fact, in some retrospect of things I believe that this fourth day was probably one of the most productive ones. Quite impressed with the achievements I fulfilled today.

  • Wrote three blog posts for my site in a single day
  • Managed to sit through a three hour client meeting
  • Accomplished client work while remaining focused on tasks
  • Ended up squeezing in a 15 mile bike ride while enjoying the 70+ degree weather here in St. Louis
  • Got stuck back on my laptop doing more work and busting out this blog post

I’m happy to report though that no alcohol consumption took place today. In actuality, for some reason I’m not even having a craving which is quite unusual. Especially for a glass of Merlot that typically seems to be quite settling in the evening time.