If you work from home, which technically has become the norm these days, chances are you’re striving for suitable work areas. In general, those of us that work from home are always seeking out a comfortable spot around the house that provides a suitable working environment. Finding the most comfortable area in your home though can be more challenging than you’d hope. In most cases, we tend to resort to the living room and turn into a couch potato eventually (guilty as charged). Working at a desk may be your forte but statistics show that those of us working from home tend to seek out a comfortable location to get work done. Sometimes, a bit too comforting perhaps.

Now, I personally enjoy working on the couch while starring out of my living room window and into the courtyard. You’d be amazed at all the awkward activity taking place while in observation mode such as the squirrels and birds having a time of their lives. But, seriously, the couch remains one of of my most favorite spots to get some work done. However, after sitting there for a couple of hours I get the feeling of anchorage and the sudden feeling to switch places. By all means, I enjoy working on the couch but it also comes with several distractions such as the birds and squirrels having a laugh outside my window.

Assuming that you work from home as well, what are your favorite areas to get work done?

  • The sofa
  • Finding comfort and efficiency at the desk
  • On your bed
  • Coffee shop
  • Any other open space deemed flexible

I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback particularly in understanding how you maintain a high level of productivity while working from home.