The race is on! This past Saturday, after having visited the 5:00 o’clock evening service, I realized that it’s time to part with something temporarily. As we move closer to Easter time, I decided that it may be a good test of faith and diligence in seeing how consistent I can truly be. Due to recent chain of events and my recent venturing out as solopreneur have really invigorated me to the point that I decided to curb the one thing that I enjoy – alcohol.

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Ok, so here’s the deal. Over the next 28 days starting March 8, 2015 I’m putting my best foot forward. No alcohol, none whatsoever. As I embark on this journey it is my intent to document each day by sharing the experience and highlighting some of the ups or downs encountered along the way. My documentation will include daily videos to capture the experience in conjunction with a short article putting it all into clear context.

 Other Videos from YouTube Channel

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