If you’re Starbucks than chances are this is exciting news for customers. Especially the latte drinkers who may not only be gauging a feasible time frame to sneak in for caffeine reload but also free wi-fi. Google Local Business Listings are now apparently showing popular times of activity on mobile business listings.

I was in the midst of scheduling a potential client meeting recently and happened to search for a Starbucks near my physical location. Where else would you meet, right? So, when I performed a local search query for ‘starbucks chesterfield airport rd’, Google returned the most relevant search results. It simply happened to be the Starbucks I was looking for as well. If you perform a similar search query than chances are you will see the same result. That is unless Google is beta testing this feature with select coffee shops or perhaps even geo areas.


Take a closer look at the popular times section directly below Starbuck’s physical location information. There is a carousel feature that allows users to scroll left and right with ability to identify popular times during specific days. Interestingly enough, it is quite puzzling to pinpoint how exactly Google is able to identify this information. Maybe the mystery should remain unresolved though for the time being. Something tells me that this particular feature will soon find a place with local restaurants, if it hasn’t already.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering I do use military or European Time. All depending on how you interpret it.

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