I’ve heard this over and over from multiple clients and even agencies I work with. The constant frustration of poor strategy, implementation, and execution processes is something that will continue to haunt you. Over the course of time it will even begin to take a toll on your client base to the point that it prohibits competitive positioning. Do you want to maintain steady propulsion in the marketplace? Is brand recognition of importance to you? All too common of questions to answer.

It’s truly difficult to accomplish real results in a project. The alignment of the right resources paired with strategic thinking can sometimes be a challenge. As a matter of fact, I’ve heard multiple clients and agencies express their frustrations in finding the right resources for a succinct alignment. Any project deemed successful will require an intersection of the right individuals capable of playing a pivotal role in each respective area.

Marketing Strategy

Here’s my thoughts on getting started with strategy, implementation, and execution for your next project.


Anything that was successful in digital marketing requires a genuine strategy appended to it. Putting a strategy together though can be challenge and even intimidating. Only a select few are capable in stepping up to the plate and fulfilling demand. The next time you encounter a project, consider starting out with a strategy and factoring in the following elements.

  • Understand the client’s goals and objectives from the beginning.
  • Perform brief market research to identify current search volume and competition.
  • Identify the top direct or indirect competitors of your client.
  • See what other brands in the same industry are doing in terms of online and offline marketing endeavors.
  • Explore potential ways to penetrate in the modern marketplace.
  • Start to wrap your head around an action plan. This could be a digital marketing plan, search marketing plan, social media plan, content strategy. All depending upon specific client needs.


This is probably one of the most challenging areas where many tend to struggle. Now that you’ve entertained a strategy and perhaps have one developed, it’s time to figure out the implementation aspect. Consider the following steps in assistance within this endeavor.

  • Identify the existing internal processes being following for strategy implementation.
  • Outline new processes needed to fully implement previously outlined strategy.
  • Seek any additional resources needed to accomplish strategy implementation. This may include finding additional outsourced  help to assist you with this accomplishment.
  • Envision the implementation process in its entirety by visualizing the supportive roles each member of your organization will need to play.
  • Determine a potential execution approach by seeking out key players that will assist with this process.


It’s crunch time! Time to bring the project to fruition by aligning all the pieces to the puzzle. Get the show on the road. For most, it’s also a borderline panic attack. So, staying calm and maintaining focus is key in an execution stage.

  • Ensure the sequence of execution is properly aligned. Is this a sequential execution approach? Are there multiple stages of execution? If so, how will this impact the entire project?
  • Are your deadlines for launch intact?
  • Do you have a backup plan? If the wires get crossed, what’s your alternative approach?

A proper strategy, implementation, and execution approach truly does require the right alignment of resources. Most importantly though, you need to have an experienced digital marketer capable of steering the entire ship.