Disqus Comments for WordPress

When it comes to an advanced comment system there isn’t one that beats Disqus Comments. It offers a fully scaled comment system that integrates 100% with the web. It has become my personal favorite and frankly not quite sure how I’ve managed without it previously.  A built in enhanced system lets you track your activity across multiple websites on the internet.  Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN are a big part of this impressive application and it makes it extremely easy to use.  The integration between your blog/website content and these social media platforms is flawless.  Point and click, boom goes up your content.

If you’re a geek like me then perhaps you’re using multiple browsers to get your work done on the web.  Interaction within social media and daily tasks are a part of why I use so many different browsers.  Currently I have Internet Explorer 8.0, FireFox 3.5, Google Chrome, and Safari for Windows. I do have to admit that one has it’s advantage over the other.  Although FireFox and Google Chrome seem to be my most favorite due to functionality, speed, & efficiency.  Unfortunately i’m not here to give you a breakdown of each but rather tell you about the problems with Disqus Comment System for WordPress on Google Chrome.

Disqus Comment System for WordPress – Google Chrome Problems

Recently I was administering a couple of my months thru the Disqus Comment System here on my blog.  I noticed some weird look and feel discrepancies which really threw me off.  Luckily I had my Google Chrome (Yeah, right!) browser in full swing which helped me find this bug.

Previewing Your Post – if you try to preview your post using the Preview button inside WordPress you will notice some issues with the look and feel.  The Disqus Comment System plugin will not load in Google Chrome and instead you’ll see a form with a few fields in it.  I’ve found out that by using Google Chrome often that this issue occurs primarily inside this particular browser.  The WordPress core can not initialize the plugin when you’re attempting to preview your post.  Not that you’d want to see the comments box when previewing your post but it’s something that’ll stick out as sore thumb at ya.

Double Post Appearance – when logged into the backend of your WordPress site and the frontend simultaneously on Google Chrome you will notice some issues.  You may notice that a particular comment inside a post on your blog will appear twice.  I know…a bit annoying quite frankly.  When I discovered this error I accidentally deleted one of the comments that was posted inside one of my posts by another user.  Thankfully the Disqus Comment System has an Undo feature that you can use to revert this action.

Did you find this post helpful?  Want to know more about Disqus Comment System?  Let me know