There are no shortage of myths and bad advice about choosing an online store builder, which is why I put together the following infographic. I spent months studying thousands of sites using more than 20 ecommerce solutions, in hopes of helping entrepreneurs identify the right ecommerce software for their business. The platform you choose does make a difference.

We’ve talked about the importance of content marketing and smart SEO in attracting customers. By putting people first, your business profits. That same philosophy holds true for keeping customers on your site. As you can see in the infographic below, when you think about the customer and where they want to shop (think mobile), they’ll stick around.


Mobile commerce is booming for a reason. Imagine riding home on a commuter train. Do you whip out your computer in hopes of an open wireless network, or do you hop onto your phone and hunt for whatever it was that crossed your mind? Mobile commerce is growing 300% faster than traditional ecommerce, and the number of mobile users is rising steadily while the number of desktop and laptop users is decreasing. Tablet and other device use is also increasing. Compatibility across devices is a key factor to keep in mind when building an ecommerce store.

how do online store builders perform on mobile and page speed?

Time is something everyone wishes they had more of. Customers want to see sites loading in under 2 seconds, and loading speed is tied to your ecommerce software. Good SEO practices can also minimize page loading speed. When you choose a decent online store builder and pair it with great content and SEO, you’re well on the way to establishing your authority and keeping shoppers on your site.