Finding Your Web Host

One of the things that should be on your high priority list prior to building your website is finding the right web hosting company that will work for your needs.  This process can be confusing, difficult, and challenging in most times especially when  being misinformed or uninformed about the things you should look for in a web hosting company.  It’s important to gather as much information as possible and research each individual company prior to committing to it.  The reliability of a web hosting company impacts the visibility factor of your website a great deal.  After all, you want to ensure that your website will be visible by everyone and anyone from various parts of the World.

Alot of people tend to commit to a hosting company for various simple reasons.  Referrals are a common reason why people commit to a web hosting company without performing any research of their own.  Another reason for executing on a web hosting plan can be due to the luring price advertised to you, the consumer.  Doing a little bit of research on your own and keeping in mind necessary components listed below will help you make a decision quicker.  Don’t be fooled by cheap hosting packages, unreliable network routing, or special offers that may leave your website hanging in a month or two.

Determining Your Web Hosting Needs

Prior to beginning to search for a web hosting company and solutions for your website(s) there are a few things that you should consider.  Prepare yourself before going out on a limb to find the right hosting solution for you and eliminate countless hours of researching.

  1. Usage – in order to find the right web hosting solution for your business you need to determine what the primary usage of your hosting package will be.  Are you building a new website for your business?  Will you be hosting multiple websites in one account?  How much hard disk storage for your website files will you need?  Should you require lots of bandwith overhead to support your web traffic?  Is multi-user access something that your business will require?
  2. Budget – web hosting can quickly run up your wallet and empty your pockets if you’re not careful.  Generally speaking a safe budget amount for web hosting should be anywhere from $5.95 USD to around $49.99 USD per month.  Depending on the type of activity that will be performed and usage this amount may vary for websites that boost heavy loads of web traffic or server loading.
  3. Type Of Hostingdepending on the type of website solution you are working on building or setting up it will be important to find out the type of web hosting environment you will require.  Website applications that require a Microsoft Framework or Databases to operate properly will best function in a Windows Dedicated Hosting environment.  Otherwise your best choice and also most common solution will be a Linux Shared Hosting environment.

Prior to Shopping for a Web Hosting Company

There are a couple of things that most people are not aware of when trying to find a reliable hosting company.  If you avoid this step of your web hosting scouting process then you may end up with poor website visibility due to poor network routing of your hosting provider.  Prior to shopping for your hosting provider you will need to keep in mind true data centers and resellers.  The importance of this is that in most cases you will want to buy website hosting from a real data center company as oppose to a reseller.  There are exceptions to this as you may come across a reseller offering a better price and same great functionality thru the same data center.

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