Responsive websites are everywhere. Video is gaining popularity like never before. Some 24 hours of video content is uploaded to every minute. One of the main challenges with YouTube video embedding is the ability to adapt the format to responsive websites where mobile users particularly can have a succinct user experience. If you’re using WordPress, it’s quite simple to accomplish this task.

Embedding responsive YouTube videos to WordPress

Finding a way to embed responsive YouTube videos onto my WordPress site has been a challenge for a while. I’ve tried several different solution in pursuit of finding one that really wasn’t cumbersome. Then, recently I stumbled across the Advanced Responsive Video embedder plugin. It offers phenomenal embedding functionality for a variety of video platforms including Vimeo and YouTube. The full list of network capabilities can be found here.

Getting Started with Advanced Video Embedder Plugin

If you’re familiar with the basic plugin installation for WordPress then you’re that much further ahead. But, here’s a crash course version for those anxious to get started.

  1. Log in to the backend of your WordPress site by visiting
  2. Navigation your mouse to the Plugins section by hovering over it and then select Add New on the shortcut menu
  3. In the Search Plugins box (upper right-hand corner of screen) type Advanced Video Embedder Plugin so you can find it within the repository of plugins that are publicly available
  4. Click on Install Now in the popup modal box
  5. Select Activate plugin to make it active. Don’t worry, it should not interfere with any other functionality on your site (unless it’s extra sensitive but that shouldn’t be the case)
  6. Done!

Usage of Advanced Video Embedder Plugin on Posts/Pages

Now that you have the plugin installed it’s time to get good use out of it. I’ve used the plugin on a recent blog post which came in quite handy. Peruse the elaborate demo for a list of shortcodes and best practices you can leverage with this plugin.

Image Courtesy: TheNextWeb