Usability is key when it comes to engagement and overall navigation of a website. Particularly with mobile users where the user experience plays an intricate role in navigation. Fortunately, WordPress provides plenty of out-of-the-box readily-available plugins you can bolt on directly onto your site to help enhance certain functionality. From an SEO perspective, improvement and feasibility of an easy-to-use navigation provides visitors with ability to flip easier thru a website.

One of the most commonly used elements on websites these days that you may have noticed consists of a compact “Scroll To Top” button typically located in the bottom right-hand corner of most sites. Why use one in the first place? In a naturalistic way of browsing, most  desktop and mobile users tend to navigate a quarter to halfway and sometimes all the way to the end of one particular page. The frustrating part of common navigation includes the fact to manually scroll to top of a page either by flipping/scrolling thru a trackpad or spinning the mouse wheel. Flexibility in web browsing is key for visitors to your site and something to strongly consider.

Now, adding the actual “Scroll To Top” plugin to a WordPress site is actually quite easy.

1. Navigate to the dashboard section on the backend of your WP site.

2. On the ‘Plugins’ section, select ‘Add New Plugin’.

3. Search for ‘Simple Scroll To Top’ in the box to locate the plugin.

4. Click on the ‘Install’ link directly below the title of the plugin.

5. That’s It!

If everything panned out correctly, a  “Back To Top” button with text over it should appear in the bottom right-hand corner of individual pages on your site. Technical glitches are quite common and chances are some may occur. Typically it’s related to CSS styling or perhaps other elements that may be clashing with the plugin.