The Future Is Ahead w/ Maxine Nwaneri - The RAS Project 083

09/25/2020 · 32 min read

In her teens she has homeless, a dropout, nearly ended up in prostitution, and almost dead. After an encounter with God, she had a life changing experience.

These days, Maxine Nwaneri is a mom of 2, and founder of “The Future is Greater”. A professional services firm based in the UK, which helps individual and corporate clients around the world get extraordinary results and achieve their goals using coaching, consulting, speaking and other services.

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Ivan Temelkov [00:09]
Welcome to The RAS Project! A conversation about life, entrepreneurship, personal development, family, tech and marketing. My name is Ivan Temelkov and I’m your host. On this podcast, you will gather 100% real, raw and unfiltered life changing advice, to level up in every aspect of your life and business and help you reach your goals and dreams. Today, I’m joined with Maxine, who is a wife, a mom of two, and a founder of the future is greater a professional services firm based in the UK, which helps individual and corporate clients around the world, get extraordinary results and achieve their goals using coaching, consulting, speaking and other services. Maxine, welcome to the show.

Maxine Nwaneri [00:57]
Thank you, Ivan. It’s great to be here. Thank you so much.

Ivan Temelkov [01:00]
So I’m curious. How do you pronounce your last name?

Maxine Nwaneri [01:04]
It’s Nwaneri. So it’s almost like a silent annulments.

Ivan Temelkov [01:08]
Okay, one area, there’s a reason why you try to pronounce it. Because chances are I was gonna butcher it. And that will make me feel bad. One area. Is that correct? Yeah. One area. So Maxine, you know, I’m so excited to have you on the show. Because, you know, before we hit record, we’re really you know, chatted here quite a bit. And, you know, you have a powerful story, you know, and I’m a huge sucker for anybody that has, you know, a powerful story. So, let’s, let’s start with, you know, tell us in a few sentences, spend a couple minutes telling us about you, your background, and you know, what led you up to what you’re doing today?

Maxine Nwaneri [01:45]
Yeah, sure. You know, my motto is really that anything is possible. Literally, I don’t believe in impossibility. I think whatever you want to set your mind to do whatever you want to achieve, it’s possible for you. And the interesting thing is, the place I got that belief planted in me is probably the most unusual place ever. It was literally as I was stood in London about 20 years ago, face to face with a pimp, a pimp who was looking to recruit prostitutes into his business. 

And how I got there. I was at the time basically alone life, I was homeless addict at the time, I was a dropout. I had basically let down every single person who cared about me my parents actually really good people. But you know, sometimes as a teenager, you think you know better, right? So I rebelled. One stupid mistake after the next. I was basically living this low life existence and had other friends who were living this kind of life. So I remember one friend saying to me one day, hey, we’re broke, right? We don’t have much money. 

I know some guy who’s gonna give us a job. We don’t have to do too much. Are you interested? I went along, and the realization of what I was getting myself into, didn’t hit me until I walked into the apartment. And literally, the smell of the place hit me. And I literally froze to the floor and thought, What in the world? Am I getting myself into? I literally panic, like visibly shake, literally shaking on the spot, and I must have zoned out because I don’t remember hearing anything for a while. The next thing I heard was this guy. 

You know, he was looking at this point furious, looking at me saying you do know how much you’re supposed to charge. Right? And I was like, I have no clue what you’re supposed to charge. Right? Which he beaten in my chest. I could almost hear it. I was thinking what am what am I doing here? I how in the world? Is this my life? You know, I just can’t do this. And it was he could read my mind. Because the minute I thought to myself, I just can’t do this. This guy looked at me and said, What choice do people like you have anyway? Like in disgust? And he must want to slap me in the face because it hurt because it’s true.

Ivan Temelkov [03:49]

Maxine Nwaneri [03:49]
Such a mess. As I just stood there not really know what to say know what to do not sure where to look just panicking thinking, Oh, my goodness, what’s this guy gonna do? Right? I just can’t do this. How in the world do I get out of this? I literally hear as loud as I can hear your voice of voice within me say, this is not who you’re meant to be. You’re meant for so much more. I don’t know who or what that voice was. I just want to sit down for it to be true. Actually gave me what I need. It’s basically turn and run out of that room into the freezing cold Street and cold air had never felt so amazing. And he literally was like, Oh my God. 

I’m meant for more. I had no money. I had no plans. I had nothing except this knowing within me that I was meant for more. And I was because listen to that same voice. I had no idea who it was I now come to know that voice of the voice of God. Following that voice basically had me get back into the school system become this award winning student graduated the top of my class went on to University of Cambridge for my MBA. I was actually brought to me the class Vice President last year. When I think back it’s kind of like somebody else’s life. You know, when traveling around the world, representing University of Cambridge, built an amazing international career. 

Married my husband who’s incredible. You know, we have two beautiful kids. And I have literally, I’m just so blessed. Every time I look at my life, it’s just just evidence that anything you desire is possible, regardless of how bad things look. Because, you know, I’m sure there’s always somebody who’s worse off than you. But I was pretty pretty at rock bottom at that point. So anything is possible. That is literally my motto, what I live by, till this day, and when I help my clients with my clients, I love nothing more than helping them achieve what they feel is impossible because to me, it means nothing.

Ivan Temelkov [05:33]

Maxine Nwaneri [05:34]
Anything else that your heart desires.

Ivan Temelkov [05:35]
You know, there were a few interesting things that I wanted to touch upon as you’re sharing your story. First of all, I think the biggest challenge with most people is believing. I think most people are so encapsulated of what’s happening in the world. News and politics and, and other people and even their inner circle. That’s, that’s there’s a lot of skepticism and negativity, that’s deviating them from believing. Belief is a tough thing, because let’s just face it, we live in a world where there isn’t, there’s a very small amount of positivity. 

Yeah. And there’s really never any shortage of it. You know, in fact, personally, I’m a huge believer of that, because over the course of my life, I’ve realized that and now getting older is that, you know, it’s not bad to be positive, you know, in fact, there’s a much higher demand for positivity than ever before, because of all the negativity that’s happening in the world. And so going back to when you were sharing that that voice that, like you said, you know, was God telling you, you know, that this is not who you’re meant to be? 

You know, that’s a, that that’s a huge out of body, no transformational experience, most people actually will never experience something like that in the lifetime. But even if they if they do, most people wouldn’t even know how to act upon it. You know, because they just think that it’s their maybe alter ego, but those don’t keep doing the same thing they’ve been doing, because they feel like, that’s the only thing that they’re capable of doing. And that’s true with about 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 

And they think that the only thing that’s available to them is to work a nine to five grind. That’s the only way to survive, you know, if they keep working the same job, even if they’re broke, after they get paid. You know, and that has been so when you were talking about this, I mean, so there’s two sides to I think, you know, your experience, like you said, you were standing there looking at a Pam, you know, you’re getting in a situation that you’re like.

What the fuck, like, I’ve never been here, I shouldn’t be here. You know, why am I here? To judge going on? I shouldn’t be here. Exactly, exactly. But you also have to remember that, you know, God spoke to you and said, you’re meant for more. So I think it was a big test, it was a test of in a way of warning, this ability, are you up to the task are you up to become who you’ve become today. So fast forward, we’re both the same age. And, you know, fast forward, last, you know, last 2030 years, you know, like, you’ve done some amazing things. 

And I think that was that was the prep, you know, for what was about to come. And it’s the fact that you can reflect on this magazine is amazing, because most people can’t reflect on things like that, you know, a lot of people, personally, I’ve met a lot of people who, you know, either run successful businesses or have families and kids, but, you know, don’t have zero ounce of gratitude or reflection, you know. You know, if you were to look at yourself 2020 from 20 years ago, and look at yourself now and put yourself side by side. 

You know, it will be a huge eye opening experience to you. I think I didn’t even realize I go grateful. Well, that’s because you what you knew, you know, not only because God spoke to you, but you knew in your heart that you wanted more. You know, this was what you were settling for less than what you deserved.

Maxine Nwaneri [09:29]
Yeah. And you know, it’s so I love so much of everything. You’ve just shared Ivan because I don’t share all of that to share how special I am. I think we’re all that special. And the thing is, you know, those people that you mentioned, that may be living paycheck to paycheck, or maybe, you know, stuck in certain ways, right within themselves. They know they’re meant for more, but it’s just kind of having that courage. And you mentioned something so profound about the belief. I think that is so fundamental, because we’re surrounded by everything that tells you calm but you just need to watch the news for more than five minutes and you won’t cry. 

And like if you’re around other people who are kind of feeling negative, because the news, all you get is a negativity, negativity negativity. But one of the things that kind of came to me one day when I was reflecting on this, because one of my clients is, we have this thing about seeing is believing, I say, believing is seeing, you know, seeing is not believing. Because if you think about it, everything that we see right now, I’m looking at you through this computer, you know, whoever’s watching this, whatever everything you meet computers, phones, it’s all made up of atoms, which are the building blocks of our life. 

And if you look closely, an atom, an atom is like 99.999% energy. So basically, the part of the atom that you can see is, let’s say that’s the size of a peanut, the whole atom off is the size of a baseball stadium. So when people are like, just like, Oh, my gosh, I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I am broke, I’m stuck or whatever, you’re focusing on the peanuts instead of the possibilities. And a lot of people don’t give themselves enough reflection, enough gratitude enough, just time to sit in the possibility to be able to experience something else. 

Because in that moment, when I heard this is not who you’re meant to be, you’re meant for so much more. If I was looking in a natural for something to kind of latch on to to tell me. Oh, yeah, this could be right, I’d be dead, there is no shadow of a doubt I’d be dead. But in that moment, I’m like, something, my Spirit tells me I meant for more. This could be true, I’m latching on to it. And what I didn’t realize I was doing is I was latching on to some possibilities outside the peanut hell I created for myself. 

So I think, belief, you know, the first step in it. So it’s a tough one, as you say, but the first step is to realize seeing is not believing all that you see all the negativity, all the news, all this, this is peanuts, there’s a whole possibility out there in the world of energy that you can latch on to, should you choose to beef?

Ivan Temelkov [11:50]
Oh, absolutely. 100%. You know, and as you as you are sharing all of that is, I think a lot of people want gratification. And this, I think, personally, I’ve been thinking about this more and more as I’ve been getting older is that, you know, let’s face it, you know, if if things were worthwhile, right, it will be the things that are worthwhile take time, they take time, and if they didn’t take time, then it’d be easily attainable. But if they’re easily attainable, then they usually not worth it, or they don’t have as much merit. 

And, you know, one part of me, you know, my mind tends to play tricks on me every once in a while, it’s like, well, you know, why am I not being more successful in my business? You know, or why am I not where I want to be in life? You know, why don’t I have the dream house? You know, Why are my kids going to the school that we want them to go to? And that’s not and, you know, and the more I think about it, it’s like, you got to be patient. You know, it’s like, your journey is your journey, you know, God has, you know, a plan for everybody. 

Yeah, and you just gotta, you just gotta, you know, put the right foot forth every day. Yeah, practice gratitude, and just say, Okay, here’s my goals, here’s my dreams, here’s what I want to accomplish. And every day chip away at it, you know, little by little, little by little, little by little, because that’s probably one of the most frustrating things. And I used to get extremely frustrated. Because before, like, I shared, you know, before we hit record, before we took our vacation, first vacation in three years, you know, for one, we had to postpone twice, because we just didn’t have any money to go on vacation. 

And I was like, all right, like, this isn’t happening, you know, like, you know, like, I would get so frustrated. And, and even in the beginning, I used to think all about money, I was like, I need to figure out how to make more money, I need to figure out more money, when in fact, I really needed to, you know, hone in on my purpose, say, this is why I’m doing it, and surround myself with other like minded people, people who want to succeed in life and business, you know, have similar goals, aspirations, and the money will follow. 

You know, and that’s literally what started happening, you know, and so it’s a constant in one way I look at it, and from what you were saying, with your story, too, it’s, you know, it’s you versus you. You know, your only competitor in life and in business is you. Yes. And I think too many people, you know, get swayed by the mediocrity of the world. You know, the negativity and the skepticism that they look at, well, so install those in a $2.5 million house and drives a Lamborghini. 

Why am I not living in a big house and driving a Lambo? Well, it’s because, you know, that was their journey. You know, it’s not your journey. And I think that’s just said, like, so many humans are swayed by the materialistic things. Yeah. You know, and I’ve all people yeah, I mean, yeah, I’ve got things that I want to accomplish, but also know that I’m not going to be happy. If I look at those things first, as opposed to focus on, you know, what makes me truly happy? 

You know, what would I love? So from a business standpoint is, you know, if I didn’t love what I what I do, you know, I mean, I wouldn’t keep doing it. I’ve lost a lot of money before I figure all that out, you know how to make it work, how to make a turn. But that’s just sit like, I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs go into business for the wrong reasons. You know, because I want to start a business. Why are you starting a business? Why, now that you want to start a business? Why? Hmm, that’s a big problem, because business is really about helping people. That’s it. That’s business

Maxine Nwaneri [15:46]
Solving problems!

Ivan Temelkov [15:51]
Problem solving. In fact, I ran across, I keep bringing up this quote by Tony Robbins that “Business is 90% logic and 10% execution.” Hmm, the shittiest execution, but if your logic is spot on, you’re probably going to be a pretty good entrepreneur. Because the logic is how you solve problems, because at the end of the day, on the business front, you’re doing business with people, you’re not doing business to business. And that’s what I think, you know, right now, with everything that’s happening in the world, you know, with this COVID situation is, so many people are just blindsided. 

You know, they’re forgetting about their why and the purpose and, and they’re being so pulled into the drama of everything that’s happening. And, you know, that’s, that’s a completely wrong way to go about it. You know, um, let’s talk a little bit about you know, your company and what I’m curious and knowing as so powerful story, how do you lead up to like, coaching and consulting? And, like, how did it all come about?

Maxine Nwaneri [16:54]
Yeah, let’s talk about why I really strongly agree with everything you’ve just said that. I love. I love it. And I’ve got to say, you know, we, as you were talking before I answer your question, but as you were talking, it’s so funny to me when people talk about the overnight successes in business. And I think usually those overnight successes are usually a few years in the making. successful business owners, nobody’s there for blood, sweat and tears in their minds, like. 

Oh, my gosh, I’ve got to, you know, invest in this, you know, so totally agree with everything you just said. But just in terms of the coaching side, built this international career working in corporate for like nearly 15 years. And I was living in Norway at the time with my husband and you know, wonderful part of the world if you’ve not been go visit. And Norway have a beautiful maternity policy where you have a baby and you can have one year off. So we had my first my daughter shamika, five years ago, and I had one year off. 

So I suddenly went from this high flying you know, sales executive type lady flying here that everywhere with this company, to suddenly being a stay at home mom for a year. And I had the dream I had like the man I had the job, I had the baby, I had the everything and I was miserable. And I know that sounds so terrible, because I was grateful and love my baby. But you’ve got to realize what a shock to the system that was suddenly anyone traveling to suddenly be in a home with a baby and no other conversation. 

So I found myself kind of a crisis point. Again, like the point I described, in the beginning, that story where I was reaching up in the middle of the night, one night, crying my eyes out, I was like, I’m just so miserable. God, I feel so ungrateful. I have everything but I need I need a miracle day when no one wants to help me see my prayer at three o’clock in the morning. So I remember when I sensed that my spirit wasn’t kind of the audible voice which you’re right. It doesn’t necessarily happen that often. 

But I heard since in my spirit that you know, listen, just calm down. You’re overreacting all you need to do some part time studies, maybe 1015 hours a week. That way you can have some intellectual stimulation for a year while you raise your baby. I was like, perfect. I’ll study 1015 hours a week. And that was my end of my three o’clock in the morning cry. So I went to bed my wake up the next morning, I’m literally on Facebook. I had never seen a Facebook ad in my life. 

For the first time I see a Facebook ad pop up and it says, Do you have 10 to 15 hours a week spare for part time studies. I was like, do you like to help people? I’m like, Yeah, do you want to be a transformational coach? And I’m like, What is the transformational coach? So click on this ad and it basically takes me into this advertisement for a year long coaching certification program where I learned to coach and build a business around it. So this year, I spent my maternity leave, you know, Courtney, she guided me again to this program where I did that. 

And by the time I went back to to work now I had literally built a business, you know, it was small at that point. But I had clients I was coaching and I realized that she had been coaching my whole life I know it well Now I have the skills and I had you know the tools I had a business. So I went back to work now and I now have a coaching business. I had a you know, my job and it was like somebody has to give and a lot of women are coming to me for like work life balance. 

I’m like, how can I could people work life balance when I don’t have a business? Everything. So long story short, I’ve got God guided me again, at one point that I go down to part time with my corporate job, and eventually leave my corporate job in 2008. And we’ve just been grown, we serve clients on five continents right now, you know, I continents, corporate clients and helping them do incredible things. It’s just so rewarding.

Ivan Temelkov [20:22]
That’s amazing that, you know, as you’re explaining that, because, you know, nowadays, I think it’s a little different, especially in the coaching space, because the coaching space is becoming so saturated. Barrier of entry is super low. Yeah! It really is. It really is. But there was something really unique that you mentioned in the beginning. And that was that you sort of had this epiphany moment where you realize that you wanted to help. So that was kind of the calling, you know, that I want to help. And, you know, I think that’s probably one of one of the distinctions with with coaches nowadays is like, who truly wants to help? Or who’s after it just for the paycheck? Yeah, you know, and that’s really hard to find, because, like you said, the barrier of entry is so low. In fact, you know, you just put a coach title on LinkedIn, or slap a website together and you’re a coach. You know?

Maxine Nwaneri [21:16]
Certification? You don’t even need a certification. It’s so unregulated, and, sadly, a lot of people out there doing harm, but I’m a big believer in you know, you’ve been so good luck, anybody who’s not just in it just to take people’s money, you’ll get what’s coming to you, unfortunately.

Ivan Temelkov [21:32]
Right. Right. That’s true is is that, you know, short term, there might be feasible, but long term, it’s not. And I think that’s probably the distinction here is that, you know, anything that’s worthwhile, it’s going to be long term. You know, I’m, in fact, with all the clients that I work with is that they’re not clients, their family, because I look at them, you know, long term, I don’t I don’t want to do business with you. I don’t want to help you. If you don’t want to help yourself, let alone understand that help is a long term initiative. Oh, absolutely. No, that’s!

Maxine Nwaneri [22:03]
Yeah, that was gonna just 100% agree with you. And I think as well, there’s something about you know, of course, this business strategy does all the things with building the business. For me, I like to be spiritually and internally guided. And oftentimes, like you, it’s about the purpose first, and I find that the Money Follows. So you know, I have a consultancy business, we have large contracts with companies. But just on the coaching side, I felt spiritually guided by God to do something that makes no mathematical sense. 

No business sense, like startup, a low cost memberships, like my, if I look at this and break down what I’m spending per hour, it just makes no sense for me to do this. But I don’t come from a place of like, all the numbers have to work, I’m from a place of service. We and amount of transformation, the women in this particular membership site are getting for literally nothing like you can spend more on Starbucks in a month for what they’re paying. But that’s what I was guided to do. And the results are mind blowing. 

And I find that being led in this way, like guided internally, as well as kind of using your business model is powerful. And the Money Follows always. So I don’t think it’s all about Oh, yeah, let me go try and make them you know, this and be so calculated all the time, because sometimes you can’t over strategize, or you can’t kind of, you know, come up with a better strategy than God can give you if that makes sense.

Ivan Temelkov [23:16]
Yeah, I mean, 100% agree, in fact, why human centricity is a core of my business. No, not so much about your business? Yeah. It’s, you know, and that was one of the things is, you know, for me is, you know, I was in the agency world for 13 years alone, and just saw too much fluff and too much bullshit. And it just never has been in my DNA. I mean, I think, maybe because being an immigrant, you know, I’ve seen my father also build a business with, you know, he’s to bare hands. I have understood that, you know, it’s when you love what you’re doing, you know, and you’re fully invested into it, and you’re doing it for the right reasons, you know, and you have a strong why and a purpose, you know, then everything will come together, you just have to be patient. Yes. No, you can’t have that instant gratification. And, and, you know, I will tell you this, I mean, being five years into it now, the first three years were dark, and I lost over six figures weren’t know about that.

Maxine Nwaneri [24:16]

Ivan Temelkov [24:17]
It was, it was I don’t even know, I don’t even know how well from a financial standpoint, I haven’t survived, you know, with a family also. I mean, you know, My son is four now, so, it was like a year old. Well, actually, he was it was a month after he was born when I started my business, and, you know, leaving a job and it just, I can’t quite fathom it. But now, as I self reflect more and more, I realized that, you know, will it happen, you know, it just did, you know, because your, your head has always been in the right place. And, you know, we’re having worked with, you know, a lot of different people in the companies and through the agency world. 

I just want And, you know, it’s not it’s not where my heart was that I always lead with my heart, you know, with business is always been that way. And you know, I’ve also realized that not everybody is going to be a client nor nor everybody should be a client. Just, you know, I even have a couple clients right now that they’re small clients, I’m just wondering like, is this even worth it like it, they’re far more demanding that one too much instant gratification, you know, I get random calls here and there. 

And it’s like, if you’re not operating on their time, then you’re not operating at all in their eyes. And it’s just like, you know, and that’s just said, like, you know, it takes a long time to really build that structure. But once you do, it just is so fulfilling. I feel like I mean, you know, you you build your own business. And like you said, you know, about losing money. But I think that also pushes you more. Yeah, right. It pushes you because it makes you realize that, okay, you lost money. But you also learned a lot while doing this.

Maxine Nwaneri [26:06]
Exactly. And I think just coming back to that one of the points you made earlier on about, you know, sometimes you know, people making money really quickly and others thinking, why am I not making money really quickly. One thing I’ve realized on my journey from that girl who had no options, but to supposedly work for this guy, to who I am today, is that my net worth does not determine my value. You know, it’s been from like rock bottom, it’s been, it’s been that it does not determine my value is a priceless jewel, regardless of what’s in the bank account. 

Same of you same with anybody watching, right? So we often kind of link Oh, yeah, you know, this amount of money I’m making a month makes me worth this. That’s Bs, right. That’s the point. And secondly, I love you know, just in terms of making money at times where it’s kind of really been exponential. It’s not necessarily about the money, but it’s who you become in the process of making that money. So sometimes it takes a bit longer for you to become the person who can handle it. 

So I’ve often found that literally this journey that God has me on, it’s not who I’m becoming, I have become more resilient, I have to become more of a risk taker, I have to become know, all of the things that I’m meant to be in terms of the purpose, why I’m here on this stuff. So I think it’s less about the money in the bank account. But obviously, we need money to live and all of that good stuff. But people kind of value in Oh, yeah, this is why I’m based on the money. 

No, because even if you lost it all today, which actually could happen to anybody, you’re still watch something you’re so you know, immeasurable worth. So this needs to kind of say, Oh, yeah, we’re making this much makes us this, I’d love for people to kind of just take that on their minds you’re worth, nobody can estimate your worth, regardless of what your bank account. And typically, the money in the bank account comes when you become the person who can handle that money in your bank account needs to have that money. So it’s all about who you become in the process, I think,

Ivan Temelkov [27:50]
Absolutely. It’s a complete, it’s a complete transformation. You know, I know, we chat a little bit about this before we hit record, but for the reasons that I’ve realized with fitness and nutrition, also, specifically, this type is not really been about, you know, the difference. And the physical mantra of it has always been about the mindset. In fact, I’ve seen that as a constant with other successful people that, you know, the reason that they’re so having the fitness and nutrition and, you know, having a very diligent schedule, also is, is because they really honing in on on becoming the person that they’ve always aspired to be. 

And, you know, you made a very good point about the fact that, you know, everyone has immense value, but I think most people determine their value based on how much they get paid. And I think it’s, it’s, it’s reciprocal, because, you know, from a business standpoint is yes, people pay you because of value, but 99% of time, people don’t actually pay you what you’re truly worth. Yeah, because they can’t fully recognize the value. In fact, one thing that I have recognized on the entrepreneurship side of things is that the more education you provide up front, the higher the chances are, that you can prequalify that person and see whether or not they’re gonna be a good fit. 

Yeah, work was also because if they don’t have the education, they don’t really understand because that’s why they’re coming to you. Because, you know, you’re the expert in this area, you know, they’re, they’re relying on your guidance, you know, and if you don’t step up, and you don’t educate, you know, then you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot, because you’re telling people that you can do something, but you can’t provide even basic education up front. Now, we’re seeing a lot of that in businesses, you know, you know, too many fictitious entities, you know, with social media and Instagram, specifically, self made gurus now, and that that’s deceiving. 

It really is, you know, so, um, you know, we could totally continue this conversation and I I’ve completely enjoyed it but you know before we wrap things up you know I would love for listeners and watchers to connect with you so how can they connect with you throw out some social handles some websites out there best way to reach you. I would love to

Maxine Nwaneri [30:16]
I’d love to connect. So, my website is and literally on that homepage you can get like links to social and Maxine anywhere on Instagram, LinkedIn, connect with me. I’d love to get in touch. I love these facts.

Ivan Temelkov [30:33]
Thanks and this was an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on the show with me.


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