Reviving the Spirit with Joshua T. Berglan | The RAS Project 057

Ivan Temelkov

05/04/2020 · 50 min read

Your purpose, your vision, your why is backed by God. He is watching and supporting you throughout the entire journey. In this episode of The RAS Project, I bring back “The World’s Mayor” aka Joshua T Berglan. A man who I’ve personally witnessed to have a strong initiative and level of consistency in his purpose and what he is currently doing unlike the majority of other people.

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Ivan Temelkov [00:14]
What’s up everyone? You’re listening to The RAS Project. My name is Ivan Temelkov. I’m your host. On this podcast we discuss entrepreneurship, personal development, family, tech and marketing. 

Why in the fuck should you listen to this podcast? This podcast is for those of you who are looking for life changing advice and ways to thrive digitally with your business. As always, all content is 100% real, raw and unfiltered. So today, I’m really excited to bring someone in who I had someone who I’ve been following for quite a while on social media. 

At least a couple of years and last I had him on the show was probably about a year, year and a half ago. So without further ado, I want to welcome The World’s Mayor Mr. Joshua T Berglan. What’s up man?

Joshua T Berglan [01:04]
Man, it’s so good to see you again. Ah, first thing out of the gate I want to tell you something. So there’s two things I was actually talking about you I was telling my manager and better half about you the other day and I’m going to share two quick stories. Um, there’s two things about you that I will always do always stand out when we first met you know, started I had you on when I first started doing my broadcast had you one with a few other people. 

You know, we became friends we talked you got to know my ex a little bit and when that whole thing fell apart, you know, you and I had a bit of a falling out. And what I even though I didn’t like what happened and it was a little bit off and there was some miscommunication and all that stuff. I still respected you for the span that you took but the thing that impressed me the most is after having it out going at each other’s throats having a little bit of a falling out how gracious you were in forgiveness? 

And kind of not only really I think now I think we have more of a friendship than we did even then before the blowout. Yeah. And I I will always respect that about you, man. And the second thing too, and I watch you when we were talking off air, when you said something you haven’t been watching what I’ve been doing in a non creepy way. But I watch I watch everybody too and and kind of a non creepy way. And I’ve really, I’ve been really impressed with you, man. 

Because you have been stretching yourself to find your voice and you’ve you’ve you’ve I think you’ve expressed yourself in some ways that I don’t think we’re always true to who you really were. But that said, we all go through that trying to find what our messages and the direction we want to go and At the same time you’re fighting the good fight and doing the right thing. I’ve been so impressed with watching you evolve and watching you grow and watching you take chances that a lot of people don’t have the guts to do. 

I love what you’re doing with your marketing I love with the evolution of this podcast. Um, I love how you’re very family centered. I love your edginess and your rawness and I love but I love more importantly, that family is very, very important to you. And I want you to know that that has a huge, positive influence on me. And it inspires me because that is an area for me in my life, that I’ve always been extremely weak. 

This is something that I’m, you know, as I’ve gotten stronger and I’m on a better path and a stronger path and my foundation has gotten stronger, and my heart has started to open up families become something that’s now important to me, but there’s certain people that I look to that inspires me that goes well that effort can do it so can I like Yeah, he’s working. He’s just as driven and motivated to succeed and to make his dreams come true as I am. 

So what’s my excuse for not being a family man in mind you I don’t really have a big family or much of a family right now. But you know this again my, the relationship situation I’m in now the two little girls that are incredible and my daughter’s come back in my life and have a relationship with her. 

But you’ve been somebody that has been an inspiration to me and also an encouragement because you keep taking chances you keep pushing, you keep fighting you show up every day you do the work. And that my friend is something that about 1% do and and I want to I want to thank you for that and also give you props because you deserve them.

Ivan Temelkov [04:54]
First of all, thank you for that. That was literally one giant testimonial in itself. look like. And a couple of things I want to share about that. You know, a few things you mentioned in that that I have personally learned and you’ve been one of those people I have learned this from I don’t know if you ever knew this is that I know that one of your key words and something that you wholeheartedly believe in his forgiveness. And growing up and I think also special over probably the last five years that I can remember. 

I’ve sort of, you know, reminisce over what has happened in my life and how my life has really evolved from family to business to my personal brand to the edginess, which I get, the more edgy I get the more criticized again, but what’s mesmerizing about that is the bigger the opportunities that opened up as a result of being more real, more raw, more unfiltered just me which I have always been at the core but have been so worried about the job. 

That the world passes and always striving to live up to expectations of society. And so, you know, forgiveness was one thing and the more I thought about it after, you know, we did have a falling out and then I realized, you know what, fuck Ivan, you’re just as flawed as anybody else. You’re just your center like everybody else. And the reality of things is that you have two choices is bygones be bygones or rectify What has happened? 

And so that’s why I really even reached out to you because I think the consistency factor in you is really what, I’m a big consistency guy. I always have been. And anytime I see consistency in someone, it’s an indication of trust, and trust. Trust this consistency if people show up regularly, like you do with your show, and you’ve been consistent with your mission of all You want to do who gives a fuck about everything else consistency is much bigger. because like you said, the reason 99% of people in life never succeed. 

The reason that 80% of Americans work a dead end job and never get to do what they truly want, is because they don’t do the 1% of what the 1% do. Yeah, and that is be consistent. be relentless. be resilient in everything that you do. And this is why I’ve really invoked. I mean, I, just a couple of days ago, I put out a fuck you post on Instagram. So literally, about my opinions. And Dude, what was fucking mesmerizing about this is that I had at least two people who criticize this, but also had a shit ton of people that were like, dude, I’m so so happy for you that you come out of this fucking shell and telling people that you know what, I’m a no BS guy. suddenly get this. 

I’m seeing guys that I admire and follow. Admire Andy Frisella, Gary Vaynerchuk, fucking Lewis Howes, and everybody else doing the same fucking shit. And you know what? It’s not a coincidence. It’s a constant. Because the realest people in the world are the most raw, the most fearless, the most consistent. And so that post was really like, and I had some high hitters that like that post, you know, guys that make fucking 2030 $40 million per year, like that fucking post. 

And so it really got me thinking about this kind of comes from you actually that, you know, winning in success is the best revenge you can have. Because what’s really fucking ironic, let’s take Instagram for instances that I’ve got haters from four or five years ago. They’re fucking watching my stories now. on regular basis that I never blocked. Why is because I’m onto something. And so that’s why I’m part I wanted to bring you back on the show because you have been consistent with your mission with your vision in what you’re doing. 

And that goes to great lengths, great lengths in so many ways in finding peace in your life, finding purpose, making sure that you have a clear why, or getting closer to that. Why? Because I heard you say about family talk about that. You know what I was never really, you know, really family centric. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be so you’re making strides in your life to make certain things happen, which is what most people don’t because they’re just coasting through life. 

Yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about you know, dude, you’ve done so much shit in the last year and a half. Give us kind of a Cliff’s notes version of like, okay, you’re not half ago you were doing gratitude, unfiltered. which has now grown to great proportions. You’re part of a ministry now, you know, you’ve really gotten in tune spiritually, you know, from a faith standpoint, which I hugely admire. Let’s talk about that like what are you doing currently?

Joshua T Berglan [10:18]
So I you know, we came out my product that had been developed, which was always a side project that I’ve worked on for three years. We launched that globally a couple months ago. We are getting ready to launch once they open all the malls in the Middle East in Asia. That’s I’m really excited about that. That’s the I am Conchita lash app and curl, which is an eyelash applicator. 

But my personal mission has always been what mattered the most because without that, frankly, what what reason do I have to not go back to abusing cocaine and meth and being an idiot, you know, and right, what purpose do I have? What reason do I have to live without my purpose? And, and I and I don’t want it to sound like all or nothing but really it is because I don’t. 

That’s what got me out of the grave, you know and my faith and, you know, my experience with Jesus that night in jail. And when I thought I was going to be there for five years, which you know that story you know, it’s like it that the purpose is like I made a commitment, the one commitment I’ve kept in my life like that I that so far have kept because for the last five years has been my life is no longer my own. I’m going to quit living for myself. 

And I’m going to pursue and go and do what I know you created you as in God created me to do and, and it’s not always easy you know what you know, you’ve got your with your business and your show and your passions. It’s a fight and every time you think that you’re right there. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes an epidemic in the world happens sometimes life is uncertain. But I really believe in those moments, it’s just refining. It’s just testing like how much do you really believe in what you’re doing? 

Are you willing to, to over look at the opportunity in these failures? Are these close doors or, oh, wait a second, this this unexpected event happens? How are you going to respond to those moments? Are you going to give up? Heck no. If anything, this this epidemic that’s happened to the world has given me an opportunity to create more, get more focus, create, like really build out more, I’ve had a good foundation. 

But now that foundation is going to be built is being built wider. I’ve been putting together a team management now. I’m so fortunate with having the two different versions of my show, the one I do every day at five o’clock, central time, but then also at Saturday night. Getting to film three camera set full production team getting to film in front of a live audience and having a broadcast all over the world. You know, we’ve I’ve, you know, been on the streaming media but I changed. I moved over to a 360 because not because of how well known they are. 

I went over there because I the technology that they have to do what I want to do with my show is there even though it’s not released yet it’s there. And I believe in the vision of the of the the owner of the network. And, and I’m excited about that, to be a part of that and to get to build something with them to create for people like yourself, I know Lauren, Lauren Harris is on that network now. And you know, but what I like about it, again, is being able to create having the freedom to share my heart. 

And you know, the other thing too is, you know, speaking of controversial were controversial in different ways. Yeah, you know, I’m not I don’t really I don’t curse you know and any of that stuff however the subject matter in which I talk about is also polarizing like what you do. It’s it’s all it gets to the root of it, there’s no BS, there’s no fluff, like this is how it is. This is what I believe. This is what I feel is right? And you know what you may not like it like tonight my show is about you know, people love to throw around Bible verses like their motivational quotes, and Miss people misinterpret the Bible and misuse scripture all the time. 

And they weaponize it to hurt people to hold people down. And you know what? f and f religion and F all of that my my beliefs. I’m a kingdom minded man, I believe. Like my my faith and my beliefs. And what Jesus came here to do, are something that Believe it or not, is more disruptive in the church than it is in the spiritual world or even the atheist world. It’s no coincidence that majority, the majority Have my audience on all platforms are non Christian? How is that when I’m talking about Jesus the entire time? 

So I I’m really just standing, I’m getting stronger in my beliefs. My faith is getting bigger and bolder, and I’m taking more chances than ever, but I’m not taking stupid chances. I’m taking those guided chances that the Spirit inside me is calling me to do. But unlike a lot of people that feel called or they feel like they feel kind of inspired to do something, but they go Yeah, but yeah, I don’t have any money. Yeah, I don’t have this. 

Yeah, I don’t have that. I’m like, you know what, if I feel this inside, that means there’s got to be a way I’m at least going to take a step into faith. And try, like why not? And you know what? I’ve publicly failed so much in my life. I mean, when most one half of my arrest have been a national No news. Like, I’m beyond embarrassment this point, what do you want to say about me? What can you say that I haven’t said about myself? 

So, yeah, and I like that. And you know, and again, like going watching what you’re doing even though it’s different content. It’s, it’s like, Yeah, he’s, you know, like he’s just speaking from his heart, who cares what what is coming out of it. It’s his heart. And he’s true to that. And that in itself, it when you get to the root of it, all the words, all the things you say don’t mean a thing. It’s about your actions. So when you get to the root

Ivan Temelkov [16:35]
of someone’s passion,

Joshua T Berglan [16:37]
I don’t care what it is being around that and seeing that is going to motivate me to keep doing the same thing.

Ivan Temelkov [16:45]
You know, that was that was a powerhouse of a statement right there because you said several things that even if you don’t believe in faith is equally true. But what you said was actually very surprising that a vast majority of your audience are non Christian. Because let’s think about this for a second, Jesus Christ, right, is the most unexplained scientific thing in the history of mankind. 

Like it’s explained, but to most, there’s a lot of people like atheists and people who have no religion that cannot find they’re looking for a scientific explanation. Right. So, but the reason you have non Christian, you know, people in your audience primarily is because I think they know, in some extent, that there is a scientific explanation for this, and that’s what draws them in. 

Now, the other thing you were talking about is, I think, in this day and age is in society that we live in too many people are so worried about other people’s perception, how they act, how they dress, how much money they have, what kind of car they drive, how big of a house, you know, how pretty their kids are. What the fuck?

Joshua T Berglan [18:02]
You have beautiful kids by the way!

Ivan Temelkov [18:04]
Thank you, dude, I am, I am. And I said it today eternally blessed for that eternally blessed for that. Not only to have two Healthy Kids, let alone beautiful kids. The thing of it is this that the only thing honestly, that I think everyone needs in their life is to be content with themselves. What does that look like? What does that look like to be content? Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel happy? 

Do you have God in your life? You know, do you even though you might be having money problems like you were talking about? I think a lot of people look at money as the only resource that they can do something that you need money to do certain things. I will tell you this. Now last month being at home, well, it does help absolutely does help. 

I mean, the cliche fucking saying that everybody keeps saying starts to grease to the wheel. Right It’s just that he just knew moves up but you got to have wheels in the first place but you got to have an idea basically to start out with and then you need money to fucking get the ship moving. Now you know people people wonder about, like the polarization that I’ve really like stepped into not fully and with the show specifically, and that is because I feel like that it’s important to be yourself. 

Whatever that version of us the way you choose to express yourself and honestly, one thing that I’m also doing with the show is actually removing the people who are fabricated people who are unwilling to accept me for who I am, because this is who I am. I’ve got nothing to hide. I already share a shutdown on social media because it’s it’s what’s at heart.

You know, I had someone that’s a personal branding individual recently say, well, you sharing too much my f you post those on Instagram was like, dude, if you want to make maintain a sense of composure call it right, that you’re going to remove that post. I’m like, Why? It’s who I am. It’s it’s I was sharing, mainly that, you know, people have opinions of me every day. You know? 

Well, I think you should do this. I think you should do that someone commented and said, Well, what if people have positive opinions of you? I’m like, Well, obviously, dots. The the exemption, that’s the exception of the rule. It’s the negative opinions that I was speaking to, you know, how many of those I have prior to when, you know, I haven’t talked much about the story. 

But when 4, 5, 6 years ago, when me and my wife wanted to start a family and we found out we couldn’t have a family naturally. And IVF was the only option, which caused me to go bankrupt. After that. A lot of people don’t know about this. I mean, 40 grand. Yeah. So six years ago, we couldn’t conceive naturally because we found out that My wife had an ovarian dysfunction. It was unexplained. We could not whatever we did, we tried for a year and we couldn’t. So after seeing a world renowned doctor here in St. Louis, Missouri.

Well, you know, you’re getting older, you know, your chances are slimmer. You’ve got you know, a health issue going on right now. Your only chances to do IVF that’s why both of my kids are our two the biggest blessings. Probably the two biggest blessings in my life is because even though it cost me 40 grand out of pocket to goto procedure $40,000 out of pocket. I file bankruptcy after that, I’ve talked about it. And society was like, dude, my friends block list on Facebook has gotten longer, because the people I thought they were friends were like, maybe God didn’t want you to have a family. 

Fuck you block. Why would anyone say that? Like why would anyone say that? Why would that just sit is the purpose behind the show and being raw and being unfiltered, and being real is to tell the world that you know what? accept me as who I am, or you have no place in my life. Yeah. I’m happy to inspire, motivate you. And what’s actually ironic about that is, the more real, the more raw, the more I’m filtered, the more purpose driven, the more y focused that I am, is when more and more people start gravitating. 

You want to know why you already know this, because you’ve been on this journey yourself for years, with gratitude, unfiltered, and knowing that I wanted to show you’ve had a mission you’ve become a stronger man of God has always been and now stronger than ever. But but at the core, you’ve become more attached to your purpose, and you’ve extracted whatever noise and distractions The world has created. Or That, and solely focused on that purpose. 

Yes. And not is equally true to I mean, anyone that I know, that has achieved something monumental presidents lay everything on the line. Successful people, like successful I guess people that are rich, I guess or if fucking you know, I don’t know, a collection of 20 exotic cars in the garage. Ooh, I’m rich. I got 20 exotic cars, right?

Joshua T Berglan [23:29]
Whatever, how good What good are those cars doing them? Right? When they can’t go anywhere.

Ivan Temelkov [23:35]
valleys dropping, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Pretty much, you know, but my point behind that is being purpose driven. You know, I think is that is the key focus here. And this I think is mainly the consistency factor that you’ve had is what has really been eye catching to me because anytime I mean, and I know this is true, because Last year, over the course of two months, I was literally on LinkedIn as as I’ve been consistently pushing out social video, and just being direct and transparent talk on it talking about my successes and failures in business and entrepreneurship over 25 years. 

26 I started doing this when I was 14, I just turned 40 in January. And two months go by and I get a DM out of the blue. And long story short, Kristen introduces me to a COO of five partners to a healthcare startup that does about 10 million a year in revenue. Long story short, brings me in to do the whole nine yards Josh a shit you not. You want to know why you want to know why. Like that was a $20,000 project over a couple of months. 

Wow. Just doing the whole nine yards digital like everything a plane in starting a podcast taking over paid advertising everything. one simple reason because Ivan is the realest out of anybody in their feed. That’s why she reached out to me. Because there’s no fluff. There’s no bullshit. I mean, I already have the fucking accolades. You can Google me there’s this thing called Google gonna look up anything on fucking anybody, regardless of what anybody tells you. What if my arrest record still shows up?

Joshua T Berglan [25:28]
My, my phone just Googled you.

Ivan Temelkov [25:36]
That is awesome. That is priceless. I think I just invoked Siri to do a search on me. That’s

Joshua T Berglan [25:48]
Awesome. I’ve never I’ve never had that happen ever. That is so funny. Oh my.

Ivan Temelkov [25:56]
I’ll have to caption this honestly, because this like never happened. This part One of the most spontaneous things that are to happen on this show, where I basically invoke my own Google search on your phone. That’s hilarious. That is absolutely hilarious. But you know, it’s fantastic. I mean, that was one prime example. You know, it’s one prime example. You know, another prime example is, you know, up until recently I was part of, and my legs and Andy Frisella’s group Arete. 

And, uh, you know, I joined that about six, eight months ago, roughly, but, you know, I made some great connections there. In fact, one of the reasons why I aligned in a collaboration with someone within our Tae, working with one of the largest auto glass companies in the nation, I’m talking 150 million above and gross revenue per year I sued is because I had a five minute count conversation about search engine optimization. 

This guy didn’t even know who the fuck I was. But again, it proves that impressions you make upon people being real, by being raw by being a filter. That’s the slogan of this podcast, in essence is a lot more memorable to people nowadays than ever before. And I think too many people are either afraid of being that or too worried, you know about or incapable of being that. Yeah. 

Because there are a lot of people like you said, 99% of the world’s so worried about perception. They’re so worried about, but now now, honestly, with COVID-19 and what’s what’s happening, there’s one thing that I’ve realized is, Ivan, short term pain is essential. And I keep thinking to what Tony Robbins been saying this a lot recently, adversity forces us into action. That’s Tony Robbins, quote. 

Now, pain is temporary. But pain pushes you to take action to change status quo. And by doing that, you start thinking more creatively. yesterday or the day before I posted another ID post that someone’s someone very wealthy commented, by the way, it was like the only comment. I mean, this guy’s like wealthy, like he’s got the whole fucking nine yards, business cars, house family, just wealthy in every way. 

And he said, the reason adversity happens, the reason pain happens because he also forces you to appreciate more of the accomplishments. I love the end people don’t like people get a take a deuce the fucking people that win the lottery, right? Ooh, I want $250 million. And in five years, they’re more broke than where they started. It’s crazy, right? Like it’s insane. 

Another Will Smith quote that I admire his people doesn’t change or money does Change people excuse me, it only amplifies what’s already been there.

Joshua T Berglan [29:05]
And I was in a hole with money through different times and lost everything to different times. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Be a good steward of what God blesses with you what being a good steward of what God blesses you with is crucial. You never curse. Anything that you’re blessed with, like, I don’t care what condition your car is in. You were blessed with it. But the other question to ask yourself is, do you want to curse it? Well, have I been a good steward of this car by taking care of it if I kept it clean? 

If I you know, people that pray for a new house, or you taking care of the house you’re in now, you know, anytime you’ve been blessed with anything, you know, like this effin car, this blah, blah, blah. When we do that, we’re cursing what we’ve been blessed with. Yeah. And it’s basically it’s fighting against everything that we possibly could want. And we know we have to be very, very careful with We speak into things or people because words are way more powerful than people ever ever imagined. 

And so you know, the going talking about the the FAQ thing. Yeah. Like, I get the mentality very, very much like I saw the post and I laugh because I knew I knew and I read it because I know you’re I know, I know your heart. And I know your intention. And I think some of the kickback you get because that word can mean it can be it is a polarizing word. And even though it’s probably one of the most fun words in the world to say, some people look at that as it’s very aggressive, it’s angry, it’s pissed off. 

When act in all actuality. I look at it because I know I know you well enough to go in some way this is coming from a place of love is weird is as big of a paradox as that sounds. I believe it’s it’s coming from a place of love. It’s just not everyone is able to receive that message, because it steps on some toes. It’s tough. That’s a really tough, it’s a win, you’re going to be unfiltered like you are and like I am, again in different ways, it doesn’t matter. 

When you’re gonna do that. I think it’s a there’s a fine line, you have to walk. Because at the same time, you want other people to be true themselves and you want to spread love and you want to lift people up and you want to motivate people. But sometimes people just need to be kicked in the throat to wake up. Like sometimes you have to be polarizing means divisive. But sometimes you have to divide, to get people to wake up to see what’s real, and what’s true. 

And so sometimes you got to be kicked in the teeth a little bit to be able to come to that understanding. But you know what, I think it’s the only way because a lot of us needed our butts spanked A long time ago and more One of the things that I love about this epidemic that’s happening and yes, I said, Love this epidemic. And I’m sorry for all of the people that are suffering I really, really am. 

However, some of you are choosing to suffer, some of you are choosing because you know what, right now what’s happened is God is shaking everything. And I’m not saying that God sent this plague because it was man created. But you know what, God allows things to happen sometimes. And sometimes God wants your attention. We’ll collectively The world has turned its back on God. And so God is waking everybody up. It’s stripped away all the things that we’ve held high the value, the 15 cars, the 50 houses that no one can travel to. 

Can’t go on vacation. You can’t like any anyone I see on Instagram. That’s like flashing bling right now. I swear to you, like I have to fight not saying go ask yourself, because none of that matters. It’s not true. It’s not real. It’s not authentic. is not real. It’s not even real. It’s not even an expression of gratitude or realness. So we’ve had all this taken away, and a lot of us are being are being forced to look in the mirror of what we value most. So what is it? 

Well, is it family? Well, some people got a rude awakening to having to be around their family for locked in the house for a couple months, because they haven’t taught they’ve, they’ve put everything above their family for so long. They’re having to come to some new realities. But you know what, I really believe that this is to get our attention to get us back to what’s true and what’s real. And this is that kick in the butt that a lot of us needed to wake up. 

And the other thing too, is when you take everything away, no matter what I lose, if it’s a home, I have no clothes, what are I do have clothes, but I’m saying if I didn’t have clothes, if I didn’t have food, if I didn’t have shelter, I didn’t have anything. What do I have? I still have the purpose God created me for you, because that is the only reason why we were even born in the first place to fulfill a purpose. And you know what? I don’t care what’s happening to the world that doesn’t change. So the economy crashes, guess what, you still have a purpose. 

In that, in itself is enough to bring you joy, because your purpose isn’t about you. Your gifts, the things that you’re born with, aren’t about you. It’s about other people. It’s about using that gift for other people. And when we do that, and we stay true to that and stay in line with that, then all of a sudden, we get to see God work in our lives in the miraculous ways. Because you go back to, like, we’ve gotten so far away from God ever since Adam and Eve and whether people believe in that story or not, that’s fine. 

Doesn’t matter. We’ve gotten so far away from God though, that we forgot just how Amazing and extraordinary we are because we’ve put our faith in everything but the person that created us, and you know what, a lot of people are waking up to that reality. And you’re going to see when we come out of this and but believe me, I really believe that there’s a bigger epidemic coming on the heels of this, or maybe Coronavirus, part two, that’s going to be pretty nasty. 

But that doesn’t matter. The fact is, we still have a purpose and a lot of people are waking up and they’ve made the decision. You know what, that job I was miserable anyway. And I’ve always wanted to start a talk show. I’ve always wanted to do this and do that. Now. Guess what? Now you got the time to create to do it.

Ivan Temelkov [35:42]
Amen. Amen. Amen. Well, you just said right there was like the fucking punch at the end the most people don’t want to hear. You know, one thing that you said that I want to share with you. I still can’t explain to myself In the beginning when you were talking about God, and I will tell you this growing up, I wasn’t very religious. I’ve mentioned that before.

Joshua T Berglan [36:07]
You know, my cultural is that culture where you’re from, or just in your home. I’m curious.

Ivan Temelkov [36:14]
It was it was in my home. You know, we were we were religious, but primarily was around holidays. I mean, always believed that God existed. Right? Right. It was primarily holidays like, okay, it’s fucking Easter. So we’re gonna go to church, it’s fucking Christmas. We’re gonna go to church, you know, it’s like, and the more I think about it now, as a father, you know, that is a flaw because I want to introduce that to my kids problem is when you have a four year old and a two year old is they can’t sit still a church, you know, will start screaming the other ones like Daddy.

Daddy, Daddy, you know, so when my son was young, we were, you know, we’re able to go, I’m still carrying him, you know. But one thing that I wanted to mention that I don’t have an explanation for, so I told you that you Yesterday, I did my first TV interview, I shall not a year, maybe two years ago, it was on Christmas. It was it was December 23 I believe there was this yellow notepad that I had found my wife’s grandparents house and I was writing down my goals on there. 

And one of them was a TV interview. And then I consolidated the goals after that, but TV interview was initially on there amongst many other things now I have a whiteboard actually behind me on my desk that I’ve actually been doing some mind mapping around with the help of someone else. TV interview was on there. I think the reason I removed it from there is because I was in disbelief of it happening. 

Um, I was in disbelief that God and manifestation would actually come together and happen and then Our mutual friend Ulysses, just out of the blue, makes an intro and sends an email to Park City TV in Utah, which is where I was on yesterday. That’s great, man. So, what’s my explanation for this? It was an original intent. It was something I wanted to accomplish. And now after doing that, I’m like, I’m fucking unstoppable man. I’m fucking Iron Man. 

The world has no idea what’s fucking coming. No idea. And I think this podcast after six years now, Josh, and three or four different names is just beginning. Honestly, just beginning. In fact, speaking of religion, what’s today tomorrow? I’m doing an interview with a kabbalist who was a spiritual leader too. Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and a bunch of other people out of the blue, out of the blue. So, to what you were saying is God is watching over us, the more I think these things happen in my life because personally.

I think inside I feel a little bit lost because there’s been some dark times in my life, you know, three weeks ago getting a fine financial hit, losing a third of my residual income. That wasn’t fun. But you know what? God stepped in, believe it or not, again, stimulus check came in a couple of days ago, close more business. You see, like, there, I know God is in my life. He always has been. I think this is his way of saying, Ivan, you want something grant? I see you’re willing to work for it. 

I see you’re willing to put in the time. But do you think truly believe that when you get this that you can handle it. If one day, I wake up and say, which by the way, gratitude is a word I’ve carried ever since I met you. And I talk a lot about this because, by the way, the whole hat in the post the one life, that if I wake up every day, and I can open my eyes, my heart is beating. There’s air in my lungs. I see my kids, I see my wife. I’ve already wanted a man I’ve already won. 

I don’t need any materialistic things. And the more I practice that, the more I realized that I don’t mean anything else. But you know what, if one day, I wake up and say, You know what, all my fucking utilities are paid for. And we can go and buy the dream house. I my son can have that big room that he’s always wanted my daughter and I don’t have to worry about fuck I got to spend 300 dollars on groceries? How the fuck am I going to manage that? Right? 

Yes, that’s going to be great. But that is the appreciation that is I think we’re getting more in tune with God and realizing that you know what, this is a test COVID-19 is the test? Can I make it through it? If I make it through this, literally, and I know I can. It’s an even closer belief to the fact that God is is has always been sitting next to me. And getting even, you know, from a faith standpoint, and a spiritual standpoint, getting a lot closer to God. And that has been just it. 

I think there’s a part of me, that’s been afraid, because I’ve been too worried about what the world’s gonna save. if if if I said, You know what, I believe in God. My two kids are an act of God. The reason that I had to move my family several times over the last couple years, and I’m still fucking here is an act of God. The reason that I file bankruptcy I’m still alive is an act of God. I have no other explanation dude. No fucking explanation literally. And so this is in part why I wanted you on the show to come on in jam which means because also when I look back at all the episodes I’ve done and I say okay, who have I had the most in depth conversations with? 

It’s been You want to know why is because you in one way that I look at it is you’re one of those people that has experienced a shit ton of adversity. You know, I’ve had other people on the show who are very financially successful they make millions and millions of dollars per year. Yes, man. Yeah. And they have had so it’s the adversity that pushes us into action and not allowing our past to dictate our future right not letting What has happened? The people that hurt us dictate the course of our journey. Yes, fulfillment of our purpose. 

And yesterday, I did another podcast with someone who I shit you not. I was having chest pains because I was talking about the time that I was bullied in high school. And honestly, I thought when I was talking as I was talking about this, which I’ve only talked about it a few times, it was a very traumatic experience, like a self confidence, like a self esteem. I didn’t do a lot of things in high school that I wanted to do because I was the ugly kid. 

I was kicked on the bus pushed off the bus set by myself all through high school at lunch, all kinds of things that I didn’t play any sports because I was worried about what the other kids would think of me and I was sharing this shit you not. I was having chest pain right here. And then after I got off the show, I’m like, am I okay? Like, what what’s going on? Like, I’m feeling this chest pain, which I never do unless I sleep on my side, you know? And yeah, that’s, you know, clear, clearly obvious. But I realized that he was such a the fact that I was able to share this. 

Yeah, such a stressful and traumatic experience which, you know, now as a father I probably need to take a stronger stance on bullying. Because it’s enough just said, Dude, God COVID-19 everything that this pandemic that’s happening is making me realize, Ivan, you have so much fucking potential Dude, you don’t even know it. You are so fucking into and people have told me this. Or this year, I didn’t tell you. Another thing is is I should reach out to an agency about talking about my first book. Literally, like that was one of my goals. 

Realistically, it’s one of my goals that I wrote almost two years ago on that yellow notepad as well. But the more suffering conscious I am the more in tune I am the more personal development that I practice more spirituality and faith and always remind myself that you know what? God is here. There’s a mission for me here. There’s a purpose for me here. And I’m 40 years old, I feel like is just starting. But in the reality of things, it’s never too late. It’s never too late. I see people in their 50s in their 60s, saying they’re just starting their lives. They’re just starting a business. They’re just finding the real purpose in life. 

And that’s what the show really is hyper focused around is real, raw, unfiltered, whether it’s business, whether it’s improving yourself, relationships, family, technology, marketing, whatever it may be. But what’s cliche about this is this and this is why I in part also wanted you to come on is that people overlook the things that has helped them grow. They really do. take them for granted. You Know to see a glimpse of an act of God, right? I’ve been guilty of this dude. 

Like, I remember going through the IVF experience with my kids. How How? I mean, it was traumatic dude, the hatred, the feedback, the backlash from people that I thought they were friends that we gotten from from some family even honestly, disbelief, disbelief. And then I realized, you know what? All my life The world has been in disbelief has been against me. 

How’s that any different? So that’s when you’ve got to build up more confidence in yourself and keep pushing and knowing that you know what, like, you keep saying, God has a purpose for you. And you know what you make. So I feel like some people look for that gratification, Josh, you know, they want that instant gratification of knowing what was I meant to do? 

Like, can you just if there was a Dream right? Or an epiphany that you were to have to just get a glimpse at what your purpose really looks like, in a success environment. Well, whatever success is, whether it’s family, or money, or business or being a global traveler or being the fucking world’s mayor, because you decided to do right,

Joshua T Berglan [47:22]
I am. Yeah. Oh, and really quick, I want to make I it makes me happy. So I mean that that was a vision, but it really was the world’s marathon because a lot of people don’t really know what it is. It’s one it’s a belief that everyone gets to win and it’s to inspire other worlds mares. It’s a it’s a, even though I have the domain, and it’s like, that’s a name. It’s official for me. 

Yeah, the it’s really about teaching, teaching or motivating or inspiring other people to believe and have the same mindset of everybody gets To win leave the world better than what you brought it in every relationship that you encounter, you know, leave it better. And you know that’s where you know you’re going back to forgiveness or forgiveness matters because you’re gonna have conflict with people. But what good does it do if I have a beef with you? 

And here it is I have this message of love and forgiveness but I’ve got a resentment with you or someone else. It hurts that or what good does it if I have unresolved issues with my family now look some things you are out of your control that you know my ex. I beg for forgiveness so much that I got a restraining order like trying to do the right thing and make things right I got a restraining order like what do you like? It’s so that’s out of my control. But the point is, it’s I it’s all about I want genuinely for other people, everyone gets to win. 

And I really want the people that have been left behind that have been kits that have been shown that have been rejected that have been ridicule that had been mocked. The dark stories, the ones that are told that you don’t have an education so you won’t make it the ones that have been told that Jesus doesn’t love you, the ones that have been told that you’re worthless and a piece of shit. Those are the people that I want to understand. 

You get to when to in everything that you give God he will use, I don’t care if it’s good, it’s bad. Like you give it to them a worry a concern, a stress, a disease, it doesn’t matter a relationship problem. If you surrender it to God, you will use it for your good, I promise you. That is why those of you that hold on that are listening right now. Those of you that are holding on to anger or resentment or you mess up, you you screw up and you hurt somebody, you make a mistake. 

The sooner that you can say Will you forgive me? You put forgiveness in the atmosphere. You’ve done your part. Now go act accordingly like somebody that truly wants to be forgiven. But the forgiveness is out of your control. But that said, you at least can remove that poison from you. Whether it’s a sin like this is the biggest problem I have with a lot. The church for instance, yeah, they punish. 

There’s still this punishment for sin. Jesus, God is not obsessed with sin. He’s not obsessed with your screw ups in your mess ups. Now, does he want you to repent? Oh, sure, because he has a path he wants you to be on. Because it’s the smoothest path to your destiny. It’s the path to bringing heaven to earth. It is again it all it is all of this aligns. But forgiveness is such an important part in a mindset of being a blessing to other people. 

So yes, the world’s mirror absolutely and you know what? That beat that the other part that makes me so happy That is That was a childhood vision that became a vision more and more as an adult and when the talk show started, dude, now it’s actually happening now I’m getting ready to do. I’m doing TV tonight in Africa of all places. And we’re digitally Of course, I’m not flying to Africa yet yet. But and then in next in two weeks, I’m doing another beginning of May. 

I’m doing a digital conference with world leaders, and it’s based in South Africa. And I’m getting that opportunity. I didn’t even tell them this, but every one of them that are calling me or addressing the mayor, and I’m like, this is so awesome. Because it takes balls and a little bit maybe even insanity to go. I’m the world’s mayor. And this leave it there. 

Like how it’s kind of like your FAQ post. Yeah, it’s, it’s like, you put it out there and people are gonna have opinions about And trust me, just like your FAQ posts, people are like, Who does he think he is calling himself the world’s Mayor not even knowing the intent behind it, or what it’s really about. You know what? Not my problem. You can only just be you. And if FSU is you, then be you. Because if you’re true to you true that here’s, here’s something else to

Ivan Temelkov [52:24]

Joshua T Berglan [52:26]
If you don’t live in truth, you are blocking yourself from the blessings that God wants to bring you. Because truth is one love is truth and love is the greatest commandment of them all is to love your neighbor, to love yourself, love their God, you know, above all else, but truth is love. Because you can’t love somebody and lie to them. Like I you can’t love them with a truly pure heart and lie to them. 

So by living in truth, the way that you act, the way that you talk, if that is truth. Then you will be blessed for it. But when you’re not, you won’t be you will find blockages, you will find disappointment, you will discover all of that. And that is something that I had to learn the hard way. 

Because you know what 97% of the truth isn’t the truth. Like if you’re having enough that you have an authentic talk show, and you’re you’re revealing stuff, but you’re still holding secrets, I got news for you, that secret you’re keeping is actually your greatest gift to the world.

Ivan Temelkov [53:31]
Well, I’m not even gonna touch that. That was. And I want to I actually want to wrap up that episode with this because that was just so powerful. The only thing I can really say is there’s so much truth in this episode. So many things that you said and I’m a firm believer that the reason you’re here is because we were meant to reconnect because there’s so much cold, hard truth. 

As you were talking about some things like these words started in this last segment that you mentioned, these words started popping out in my head, like you said pure at first. Well, most people interpret pure as someone who does not expose negativity, because they don’t want to hurt the people around them. And the pure is actually laying it out there. 

Like you said to have a pure heart. I mean, pure heart pure heart is. There’s some things if I told my wife she probably like, I mean, they’re not like I cheated on her or anything, but there are things that she wouldn’t like, like, Why just spend money on this? or Why did you do that? You know, hmm. And so am I being pure? Maybe not, you know, and this is the psychology Which I’m a big fan of. 

Yeah, of the things you said and how God and faith in purpose works in this. I think it’s so integral in our lives that I think we get so bogged down in the minutiae of society, that we allow that minutia to overpower our lives. And it’s almost as if, like, we don’t really have many options, because society has sort of predicated the way that we should live. Hmm. And we strive to abide by it is another thing. 

That was another reason I wanted you to come on the episode. Because it’s not too often that these kinds of in depth conversations happen there. There’s so much truth in it. And I think the reason for that is because you’ve had so much adversity in your past and you have learned so much and now has taught you Yes, talk to you about real life he has taught you about what’s real and fake, what’s genuine, and what’s fabricated. 

And a lot of people in society are unwilling to accept those things because they’re so worried about the judgment, the perception they’re going to create. Yeah. And I’m guilty of a lot of those things. Still, this is why I said in the beginning of this episode, that all of us are sinners, but there’s a difference between, you know, realizing your shortcomings.

Like one of the reasons I follow Gary Vaynerchuk is because there’s a lot of cold hard truth behind the things he talks about, preamble dude, by the way. Other what’s there not to have?

Joshua T Berglan [56:48]
Well, I mean, you people think that preachers like you’d be shocked how many preachers have audio mouths, by the way, um, but know that you would think a lot of like they would be drawn to that Because it would be offended by the language but no preachers love that guy. Because he’s is, he’s a brilliant guy who’s brilliant.

Ivan Temelkov [57:09]
Yeah, and, you know, this, this episode could go on, let’s say and I want to finish it strong, literally because I and I know that our paths will will will cross again, I know that this is you know a rendezvous sort of speak. But without being said, Dude, you know, tell the world where people can find the worlds of hair and how they connect with you because you’re a powerhouse of truth.

Joshua T Berglan [57:37]
Well, I care more about the mission of gratitude unfiltered than I do anything I everything I do from, you know, a business side of things. I it’s not I don’t promote. I genuinely care about the mission of gratitude unfiltered, so, you know, check out slash gratitude unfiltered or slash gratitude, unfiltered Or just Google it, you’ll find it. 

It’s on 50 different platforms worldwide. But you know, I really, you know, I started the show on facebook live with this belief of proving that this concept was gonna work. And you know, God has proved that to be true because now I’m filming in front of a live audience. And it’s a blessing. So, you know, please support gratitude, unfiltered, that’s to me is more important than anything I’m doing. 

Because Gratitude: Unfiltered is it’s the ministry. It’s what God I mean, God gave that to me after a meth relapse, and a bad one. And I that’s the mission. So that’s all I really care to promote.

Ivan Temelkov [58:42]
Josh, thank you so much, man for jumping on,

Joshua T Berglan [58:45]
Man. I really, really appreciate it.


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