Recently Twitter introduced pinnable tweets or also known as “pinned tweets”. The pinned tweets are free and currently available to select personal accounts. Those individuals eligible for such feature include politicians, public figures, celebrities. Consider me a public figure in that case (i guess).


Pinned tweets do not have an expiration date and are permanent until unpinned. Only one tweet at a time is eligible for pinning and residing directly below personal profile information (see photo above). According to a couple of different tests I’ve performed, it appears that a pinned tweet will display on the native Twitter app and desktop platform.

Advantages of pinned tweets

There’s a variety of different reasons that allow leveraging of Twitter pinned tweets. Like anything else obviously, it is all contingent up the purpose behind your Twitter account (i.e. personal or business).

  • Thought leadership
  • Idealogical purposes
  • Promotion
  • Advertising

It is hard to tell whether or not Twitter will take away the pinned tweets feature. Time will only tell and perhaps if enough data is indicative of its usage.

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