As social media continues to mature more of us are finding ourselves using sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTUBE.  Whether it’s for personal or business reasons there’s plenty to lurk around with on any of these social avenues.  While I’ve been an avid user of all of the above mentioned social sites, there’s one in particular that has stuck with me more consistently.  I tend to spend a lot of time on Twitter primarily for business reasons.  It’s a great resource for communication and acquisition of new leads.


In Q4 of 2011 there was a significant shift in my activity that reflected upon my following in addition to the amount of interaction taken place.  Due to personal reasons along with a shift in career path I quickly found out how social media consistency on Twitter can play a large role in your public image.  Sometimes losing sight of your objective is simply unintentional.  The short video above provides further details on the impact.  I’m open to hearing everyone’s thoughts on that.