Social media continues to generate buzz inside the digital bubble.  For some an indefinite puzzle with constant search for those missing pieces.  It’s here to stay and not going anywhere any time soon.  Your brand requires awareness, visibility, reputation management, lead generation, custom service, client retention, and more just to name a few critical pieces every digital brand shall embrace in today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace.

General Interpretation of Social Media

Imagine social media as a giant playground with uninhabited land, toys, arcades, and of course plenty of new relationships awaiting in a sea of people.  All the cool toys you’ve wanted as a kid with plenty of time and space to make your move on each.  In the business world the playground represents untapped opportunities in connectivity with other brands or individuals.  An endless supply of possible connections and new acquaintances.  This time around it’s not personal, just business (for the most part anyway).

Social media can be classified much like a suggestion box.  One that’s used openly by all sorts of people.  On Twitter it’s followers of your brand that cast their vote about their experience and interactions.  On Facebook, friends share information in form of status updates on your brand’s fan page wall.  In the grand scheme of things people are talking about your brand.  It’s important to address any negative responsive to avoid a bad wrap.

How do you utilize social media for your brand?  Is it an intricate component of marketing initiatives?  What are some successes and fails you’ve experienced?