It has been quite evident for some time now that the micro-blogging platform Twitter is making valiant strides towards improvements of its platforms. Today it announced that new sticker capabilities will be rolled out over the next few weeks to its iOS and Android properties. How come such announcement with a delay in a public rollout?

The latest sticker capability addition by Twitter may in fact be considered as an emulation of its indirect rival Snapchat. Creativity is definitely a party of social media engagement. Inclusion of sticker capabilities for mobile usage may in fact help boost creativity and ultimate usage of the micro-blogging platform. At least that is the general idea here anyway for Twitter to accomplish.

About Twitter Stickers

The new set of rotating stickers will be available during real-time conversations. Each user will have the option to select from a library of emojis and icons in effort to enhance your photo’s visual presence. Fun and creative photos are a lot more engaging and conversational. The real-time conversation stickers can enhance the value of photo by conveying a feeling or emotion in a unique way. Twitter claims that stickers are ideal for showing support on a cause, adding some flair to your visuals, or simply expressing yourself more creatively.



A new timeline feature will also compliment the new Twitter stickers. Once a tweet with a sticker is tweeted than it will become searchable in a much more visually enticing way. Quite similar to the way hashtags are currently utilized but with the addition of seeing how others around the world are using such sticker.




The stickers timeline seems in fact quite interactive. It adds a significantly better visual ingredient in comparison to the current hashtag capability. Seem a bit familiar? Snapchat makes creative usage of stickers, images, and short video. Perhaps Twitter is making attempts to emulate the competition and utilize its current market equity to boost engagement on its platform.

Coming Near You…Soon

In its official blog post, Twitter announced that stickers will be arriving to iOS and Android platforms in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on those App Store and Google Play notifications. It is quite probable that an app update will be required in ordered to take advantage of the new Twitter Stickers options.