Did Meerkat step right over SnapChat? A company that is now valued at approximately $15 billion with no actual business model in place. Meerkat is sweeping the nation and world with its amazing live video streaming capabilities. An app that officially went live on February 27, 2015 and immediately took the marketplace by storm. Entities such as American Idol, Red Bull, Secretary of Commerce, Tony Hawk, and others caught on almost instantly. Most of all, the man himself Gary Vaynerchuk absolutely killed it by having the most concurrent watchers in one single session at SXSW. Also, the current leader on Meerkat.

So, what makes Meerkat such a innovation? How does it differentiate from other social media platforms like SnapChat? Twitter? YouTube? Facebook?

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What is Meerkat?

Meerkat is a mobile app currently available on iOS allowing Twitter users to stream live video over the microblogging platform. It was named after the Meerkat souther African mongoose animal. Ben Rubin, Founder of Meerkat explains that the name of the app came about as result of the animal’s behavior that has a tendency to travel in colonies. Similar to what happens on Twitter during a process of community cultivation. The entire mission behind the app is to not only provide a live video streaming service over Twitter but to allow its users to establish authenticity through raw content sharing. Thus far the adaptation of the app in its mere 16 days of public existence has been absolutely mind-blowing.

Meerkat is a Game Changer

With the evolution of live video in general, Meerkat stands in the center of the storm. Its stunning live video streaming capabilities over the Twitter social media platform offers unlimited potential for marketing endeavors. Some of the early adopters mentioned above are already exploring variety of different ways in leveraging the power of Meerkat so they can interact and communicate with their audience.

Meerkat can work in many different ways for different brands across various industries. Here are a few ways it can be utilized from a marketing perspective:

  • Live events. Tony Hawk for example is communicating with his local, national, and international fan base by streaming live video footage to them and allowing them to interact in real-time
  • American Idol streamed its red carpet roll-out over Meerkat to their entire fan base over Twitter that ultimately enhanced the entire brand’s social footprint
  • Communication. Regardless whether or not you’re a brand, Meerkat allows its users to interact and communicate with a user base near and far
  • Promotions. Brands will be able to offer special promotions to its customers

Meerkat is changing the face of Twitter. In a way that hashtags will now become even more interesting. Also, in the way that brands and individuals will be able to interact with others by establishing authenticity and a voice through video streaming.

What’s your thoughts on Meerkat? Hope to see you on Meerkat.