Social media undoubtedly has proven to be an integral part of marketing regardless of your industry.  Some of the top networks that most folks are using nowadays for B2B/B2C lead generation are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTUBE and Pinterest just to name a few.  These particular networks generate the most amount of traffic activity based on network usage and user interest.

While most businesses have realized the potential behind social media and proactively engaging in full blown social marketing campaigns the struggle for quantifying results and bottom line ROI still exists.  The selection of “tools” and “services” that can help you measure success stretches around the block making it quite difficult for marketers and business owners to track success of social marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics Simplifies Social Media Measuring & ROI Tracking

Measuring social media ROI can be accomplished using the integrated Google Analytics social media features.  This particular feature provides the ability to track down the specific social entities that generated traffic activity into your domain.










Truth of the matter is that technology hasn’t quite fully evolved just yet to the point that we’re able to pinpoint individual user behavior.  However with the current intelligence built-in Google Analytics you have the ability to attribute traffic activity and conversion as a result of a social activity.

Configuring social goals inside your social bubble will need to take place first prior to aggregating any data relevant to conversions.  A baseline explanation of social media analytics and reporting inside the GA platform can be found here.

What are some of the ROI tracking challenges that you’re facing inside Google Analytics?