Recently, Twitter introduced a new feature to its arsenal. Users now have the ability to upload native video footage directly onto the social media platform. A long overdue addition, perhaps? Speculations are circulating in the social sphere raising plenty of uncertainty about the future of the social network.

With platforms such as Instagram and Facebook already offering such capabilities for native video uploading features the questions you have to ask yourself are, “Where does Twitter fall in within such equation?” How are you using the new Twitter video feature? There are many unanswered questions about the future of Twitter and its newly announced video future.

The Redundancy of Vine

Twitter’s companion was acquired back in October 2012. A social media platform allowing its users to record up to a six-second videos and revine them with their followers. At the time social media was beginning to take off and companies like Twitter were on the lookout for next great thing in the social media space. Something that would grasp consumers attention, entice them to interact and engage with other like-minded individuals, and ultimately establish a video-based model. In October 2014 Xbox released a capability that allows its gamers to absorb Vine content in-stream through the game console.

With Twitter video at the fingertips if desktop and mobile users it is quite uncertain of Vine’s future. A majority of users are speculating that the company will fold its companion into the platform eventually. Others are conversing about a potential rival to Instagram and Facebook that’s currently brewing and yet to emerge with full potential. Personally, I’m struggling to fully comprehend the need of Vine at this point especially given the recency of Twitter video capabilities.

Potential Behind Twitter Video

Since the recent addition of this feature especially for mobile devices, Twitter users have been wondering how to effectively leverage its full potential. Getting in front of a camera isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish for a good portion of consumers. While for others, the comfort level exists and the barrier behind video freight has been overcome. Having said that, here’s a few tips and ideas on how you can leverage Twitter video for marketing potential:

  • Engagement with other Twitter users, community, audience
  • Proactive communication with avid followers
  • Instructional purposes to convey certain piece of information
  • Highlight on certain skills that you may be quite versed in
  • Help promote/recap an event
  • Share travel tips/insights/overview

The skepticism around Vine continues to rise. There’s much deliberation about its future in the way it correlates with native video futures available inside the Twitter platform.

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