The way we connect nowadays with friends, family, coworkers has changed significantly.  Mobile phones are providing a direct gateway path in staying in touch with those that matter to you most.  The ever popular iPhone and Android devices give access to the Instagram app via iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.  A great addition to a handheld that gives you the ability to share photos onto favorite social networks.Naturally being the avid social media user my iPhone too has the Instagram app on it which I must admit that gets used on regular basis.  A couple of weeks ago I ended up upgrading my iPhone to the 4S (finally) and encountered some unexpected errors when I attempted to use the application.  When attempting to share a photo onto Twitter via the Instagram app I kept receiving an error message stating “Twitter authentication required” or something of that nature.  After several tries of re-authentication it ended up still not working.  I did some brief research on the issue at it turns out that iOS 5 has reported issues with Instagram compatibility for Twitter.

If you’ve ran into this issue already and have not found a solution, trust me I feel your frustration.  As an avid user of the Instagram app myself this was quite irritating to be honest.  So, here’s a quick solution to get this resolved.

Instagram – Resetting Your Twitter Authentication for iOS 5

Chances are you’re getting random errors when attempting to share a photo from Instagram onto Twitter.  Hold your horses for a second there Sparky.  Here’s some tips on troubleshooting this:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ section of your iPhone
  2. Find the ‘Twitter’ app in the list.  Instagram uses the built-in Twitter app for authentication
  3. Re-enter the password for your Twitter account and save changes

Instagram simply needs to resent your Twitter settings before proceeding any further.  If you’ve encountered this error before and still struggling to find a fix hopefully this shines some light on the situation.

If you have any questions or need further help feel free to share feedback here.