Recently Instagram implemented a new feature that shows the number of posts associated with each hashtag. This feature becomes visible during the composition step of a status update. Such feature can actually help enhance the visibility of a status update by allowing for more interaction with interested users.

Instagram brings a wealth of marketing potential that remains untapped. A variety of brands are striving for a congruent strategy for clearer communication with their target audience. Seeing the number of posts associated with a particular hashtag can in fact determine adequate usage. For example, if certain hashtags are not being utilized as often or at all than chances are your status update may not reach its full visibility potential.

The Opportunity at Hand

Using hashtags within Instagram posts has become a standard in nearly every single status update. Sometimes, perhaps used in an excessive fashion by those users who strive to grab others attention. You can maximize the potential of your Instagram posts by selecting only the most relevant ones that pertain to your message.

For example, let’s say that you posted a photo of you at the local fair. Using a relevant hashtag that either pertains to the fair specific activity you were engaged in, or anything else that may resonate with the actual event will help increase the post visibility. However, before picking out just any hashtag that crosses your mind, pay closer attention to those you selected and the # of posts associated with it. This can be accomplished during the composition stage of a status update.

So, let’s recap for a minute here.

  • Select the image you wish to post on Instagram
  • Upload the image to Instagram as you would do so on any other occasion
  • Think of relevant hashtags that pertain to the image you are about to publish. Pay close attention to the number of posts associated with those specific hashtags to ensure optimal visibility
  • Publish new Instagram status update with your image and selected hashtags

Steer Clear of Excessive Usage

One of the things I’m starting to see more and more on Instagram is excessive usage of hashtags. So excessive that certain users are using somewhere in the vicinity of 10-15 different hashtags on certain status updates. One of the things that Instagram is adamant about is ensuring a positive experience with its users as stated in the rules and guidelines. Instagram posts that utilize an excessive amount of hashtags may be considered as a violation of its rules and guidelines.

Sure, if you using a bundle of hashtags with your status updates then perhaps it may catch on and become trendy. For most users though excessive hashtag usage on Instagram may be considered spammy or simply as trying too hard to fit in. Generally speaking, using somewhere around three to five hashtags per Instagram post is considered to be the norm. That way it does not appear spammy to your audience yet allowing for enough search potential and visibility.