The internet has forever changed how your brand and overall virtual presence is viewed by others.  Traditional marketing and advertising efforts are slowly fading into the unknown due to the valued importance of connectivity within the realm of the digital era.  Companies are no longer hiring individuals based on good faith and a shiny resume.  To remain competitive in the digital era you need to keep up with the times.  Your online presence or brand reputation serves of great importance especially in the eyes of potential clients or your future employer.

 Your Online Presence and Your Future Employer

Transparency is something that you should already be familiar with when it comes to the web.  If you’re in the market for getting a new job your online presence will serve as a mirror during the decision making process.  More companies are spending time online researching skills and credentials when hiring employees.  How have you positioned yourself on the web?  There are several things you can do to increase your online visibility and build a reputation.

Power of The Social Space

Social Media offers great opportunities to connect with others, network, generate leads, and attract new clients.  Whether you’re interested in building your brand or simply strengthening your online influence there are various channels that will offer such opportunities.

  1. LinkedIN Networking – one of the most robust social networking platforms available on the web.  A community that opens doors to new opportunities for meeting other like minded professionals.  Creating your LinkedIN profile should be your first step towards creation of your professional online presence.  Display to others your abilities, skills and achievements.  Upload your resume and cover letter to create a chance for yourself or your brand in establishment of new relationships.
  2. Twitter – while most may still view this social platform as inefficient or rather ineffective it offers tremendous amount of potential.  Start new conversations or become a part of existing ones.  Utilize the power of relationship building in engaging with other tweeps.  Communicate in the form of tweeting with other like minded individuals.  Build up a follower base of tweeps that are interested in your content and input that you bring forth.
  3. Facebook – with over 750 million users in its community there is a lot of untapped potential here yet to be seized.  Create a profile or business fan page to showcase your talent.  Populate your profile with useful content and information to engage with other Facebook users.

Speaking from personal experience and success there’s much to each of these three networks that most internet users are yet to discover.  Consistency and efficiency play a big role when remaining active on these networks.  It’s important to keep in mind that everything you say is transparent and visible by others.

Good Luck in creating your own virtual presence.