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Video marketing has become a common strategy for entrepreneur and small business owners. Recently I attended a MeetUP group that my friend Russ Henneberry held on YouTUBE Marketing. I guess you could say that I was inspired and heavily moved which led to what you’re reading about now. Seriously! If you have not considered video marketing as a strategy to help you gain visibility and authority on the web you need to be looking into it ASAP.

YouTUBE offers unlimited potential for exposing your content and targeting a specific audience.  Its unique platform lets you connect with users from around the World which helps create business potential and new prospects.  While I’m not here to show you how to use YouTUBE for business I want to show you how to check your video insights.  Your YouTUBE Insights consist of demographics about and individual video or your whole YouTUBE Channel.  Here you can find the individual activities that users from around the Planet have taken on a specific video that you have uploaded or an entire overview of your channel.

Checking Your YouTUBE Channel Insights

Before we move any further please make sure that you have an existing YouTUBE Account.  If you don’t have one then create a YouTUBE account before you proceed any further.  After you have done so make sure that you have your channel properly configured and at least one video uploaded to it.

Individual YouTUBE Video Insights

These particular demographics show data based on the activity of an individual video.  In the configuration settings of your YouTUBE Channel you can set these to Public or Private. In order to view demographics for an individual video follow these steps.

  1. Visit the url address of the YouTUBE Channel by going to
  2. Select a video that you want to watch on this channel.
  3. Below the video itself click on the hyperlinked text View Comments, Related Videos, and More.
  4. Once on the page of the actual video click on the drop-down arrow button which shows current views of the video itself
  5. Notice the data being displayed via Google Analytics about your video activity.

YouTUBE Channel Insights

The YouTUBE Insights information that you are able to view by logging into your YouTUBE Channel account shows valuable information about the entire activity of your channel.  This is a breakdown of individual performance of each one of your videos by Summary, Views, Discovery, Demographics, Community, & Subscribers.  In order to view your YouTUBE Insights on your channel please follow the short set of instructions below.

  1. Sign in to your YouTUBE account to gain access to your channel.  You can do this as well thru Google if you have your YouTUBE account associated with your Google Account.
  2. Click on your name in upper right-hand corner menu and then select Account from the shortcut menu.
  3. Click on Insight located in the top navigation menu of this page.
  4. Browse overall activity of your YouTUBE Channel.

[HowTo] Check Your YouTUBE Insights Official Video

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