Social Media is one of the best ways to communicate, network, and maintain your brand.  Whether you use it for personal or business reasons there’s value in it.  Some of the most popular social media platforms out there are Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN.  In order to manage these individual platforms efficiently and proactively you’ll most likely be using a web application such as HootSuite to manage your activity.  Personally I’ve been using this application to manage multiple accounts for some time now and yet to find another one to replace it.  Recently HootSuite has introduced a great new feature for managing status updates performed via its application to your social media platforms.

HootSuite Offers Bulk Message Uploads

One of the major highlights in HootSuite includes the ability of scheduling multiple status updates at ones.  Whether this is to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, FourSquare, or WordPress the application includes an advanced cron-job type scheduling system that lets you communicate with your audience even when you’re away from your computer.  For an individual who needs to constantly communicate with your audience the bulk message upload feature from HootSuite may be a great feature add-on to your toolbox.  Below I’ve outlined a short step tutorial that you can follow if interested in pursuing the bulk message upload feature via HootSuite.

  1. Log in to your HootSuite account before you can do anything else.  If you’re new to member you’ll need to sign up for a new account.
  2. If you haven’t setup any accounts in your HootSuite Dashboard you’ll need to do so if you’d like to create status updates.
  3. Compose the message that you’d like to send out in the message box.  Then click on the Schedule Message button which looks like a calendar.  Look for the Schedule In Bulk button and then press it.
  4. Download the sample.csv file after ready the set of instructions on how to format it accordingly.  After creating and formatting your csv file upload it to the proper profile for queuing.

There are many other applications out there available now for use of managing your social media activity.  As I mentioned earlier HootSuite happens to be the one that I’ve adapted to most and find it functional enough for my needs.  In addition to that it now has an iPhone application that you can download and perform the same type of activity right from your phone.

Are you using HootSuite to manage your social media activity?  What are the pros and cons that you’ve found thus far in it?  Have you engaged in bulk message uploads via HootSuite yet?