Social media advertising still remains a skeptical area for many businesses and marketers. However, in the U.S. alone over 60% of businesses are now using social media for some form of advertising whether it being awareness, visibility, or even lead generation. In many ways, social media requires the right mentality and personality to connect with a target audience. Something that businesses and marketers equally are limping on heavily. However, social media is here to stay and its increased growth in popularity has shown brands that it’s here to stay.

Targeted social media advertising entails in more than just slapping an ad together and calling it a campaign. It requires a strategic approach for proper reach of specific audience. Even more so, a successful social campaign entails in thorough preliminary market research to identify genuine opportunity. One of the most common mistakes brands are guilty of these days includes a misconception with social media in general. In other words, not every social network out there will be deemed as a feasible avenue for advertising. So, get over it! Whoever told you that you should advertise on every major social network was sadly mistaken.

What’s ahead for social media advertising?

Social + Mobile Intersection

Towards the end of last year, YouTube reported 40% of its traffic was attributed to mobile users. Another interesting fact points towards mobile who apparently generated 70% of its revenue from mobile visitors. Mobile advertising tied into social media will continue to grow and marketers will be forced to embrace this opportunity. As marketers, we have the ability to assess deeper information about mobile behavior. We have a thorough understanding of the fact that our message should be more concise and compact for that matter. The ongoing challenge will be to understand the mentality of mobile users and comprise cohesive messaging that entices them to interact with a brand.

Evolving Social Partnerships

Major brands are seeking prosperity within the social space. Chasing after potential partnerships that may spark advancement in the socialsphere. Development of such relationships attributes to increased exposure with ability to reach an increased amount of social users. The social media world is slowly filling up with young talent that brands are enticed to intrigue. Geo location networks such as Foursquare  were not gaining any traction in the marketplace until companies such as Verizon partnered up with them. The goal here was to incentivize youngsters into using Foursquare by providing special offers for participants. In 2014 and beyond an evolution of social relationship will continue to increase.

Video Domination

Video marketing has shown that it’s here to stay and its perception in the social space was well perceived. Facebook and Instagram are testing out auto-play videos in addition to pairing it up with its advertising models. Despite the slight hesitation from users on the enhanced newsfeed feature, video proves to be a strategic approach in digital marketing particularly in 2014. Word on the street indicates that Facebook will be doubling down on video marketing this year. Especially after the shocking announcement of discontinuation in “Sponsored Stories”. Now, one angle analysts  are looking at the situation from includes the fact that Facebook plans to capitalize on potential $1.1 billion dollar revenue stream.