Social Media Marketing Hub

Building your marketing hub using social media yields tremendous exposure and revenue potential. If you haven’t jumped onto the social media train just yet then you need to get on it while there’s a seat there available for you. In the last five years social media has shown tremendous growth for building, growing, & expanding your brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, & YouTUBE are a part of viral marketing that delivers results and ROI for your brand.  When serious about pushing your viral marketing potential and maximizing the potential of your brand there are a few social media channel that you should be utilizing.

Building Your Marketing Hub Using Social Media

Most still haven’t realized nor acknowledge how social media can make an impact on your business.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, & YouTUBE remain FREE and do not require any upfront payments in order to begin maximizing their potential.  Facebook & LinkedIN do offer paid services although for the most part you’re not digging deep into your pockets and checkbook to get things rolling on these particular networks.  To begin effective exposure and brand awareness of your business ensure that you have proper visibility in the following social media platforms.

  • Facebook – with over 500 million members and increasing on daily basis how could you not possibly consider promoting your brand here?!  Ensure that you have a Facebook profile created before you continue.  Decide on whether you’ll be using this particular profile for personal or business activities.  If for business then proceed to creating a fan page for your company and begin building it out.  There are some great tutorials in the Facebook Help Center that will help guide you and show you how to create a Facebook fan page.
  • Twitter – most are still unconvinced and truly don’t see the opportunities of Twitter.  There are several effective ways that you can build your network on this platform.  Some of the most common strategies include following only people that match your interests.  Escape spammers and quick “Get Rich” companies.  Provide valuable content to your network and display value.  Ensure that content form your website or blog is being automated and displayed on regular basis.
  • LinkedIN – there are over 75 million business professionals that you can connect with and build your own network.  A great way to connect with like minded individuals and be enroute to compiling a network of valuable contacts.  There are several options here as well that let you automate your content and share it with member of your network.  If your budget allows it there are advertising opportunities that can be utilized to maximize your company exposure.  Anyone serious about business should have a personal or business profile.
  • YouTUBE – video marketing is perhaps one of the hidden potentials when it comes to building your marketing hub.  Start your own video channel and begin contributing relative video content to your industry.  Engage in discussions of other related videos in order to make your presence known.  On YouTUBE it’s all about creating the proper video exposure.

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