The craziness and interest in social media continues to rise as most see the potential in this type of marketing. Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN – each are gaining more users than ever before as consumers are seeing the need to communicate on the internet. When it comes to managing your social media profiles the process can be rather challenging. While there are several advanced social media profile management tools that will help you better manage and monetize your social media profiles there are only a hand full that are actually worth your time.  The best thing about most of the social media management tools available out there is that they’re FREE.  No need to dig deep into your pockets for this one Mr. CEO of Big Company America.

Having said that most of you may be familiar with HootSuite or TweetDeck by now.  These are the two top most used web applications for social media profile management.  I have to say that I’m a personal fan of HootSuite frankly because it offers features that no other social media web application can match.  Well maybe not entirely true anymore until SocialOomph came along and blasted away the competition.  If you’re serious about your social media activity you’re perhaps already familiar with this particular web tool as well.

Using SocialOomph for Social Media

Social Media management can become a time consuming activity.  In mot cases I personally tend to feel like I’m spending countless hours on the web just managing my Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIN accounts.  With the advanced features available within SocialOomph you can manage multiple social media accounts and utilize some of its advanced features.  Below is a short list of features that you can expect to see.

  • Keyword Tracking
  • Automatic DMs to new followers
  • Automatic Approve/Disappove/Ignore/Block features
  • URL Shortening
  • Scheduled Updates
  • Vet Followers
  • Purge DM Inbox
  • Secured Twitter
  • SPAM Control
  • …and More!

The FAQ section of SocialOomph (formerly offers plenty of insight on some of its in-depth features or answers to your common questions.  Alternatively you can check out the Tutorials and Discussions for other related information on this web application.  The downfall of this great web-based application is that currently there isn’t a mobile app available for it. (at least I couldn’t find one).  Other than that I’d say that it’s in competition with HootSuite at this point.