Facebook For Developers

One of the most efficient ways to promote yourself or your business on the web is thru the power of social media.  Facebook for instance now has over 500 million active users and growing.  It’s the perfect marketing channel to network with other like minded  individuals and business owners.  There are several ways that you can take full advantage of the Facebook experience and bring it to your own website.  Now this particular implementation process requires some basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, & perhaps some FBML (Facebook’s language).

Using Facebook Tools On Your Website

Facebook offers some FREE tools that you can utilize to their fullest potential.  You may be familiar with some of its core addons such as the Like button, Recent Activity, Recommend, and more.  These particular features of Facebook are available to any website owner that seeks to integrate it with the its platform.  In addition there are various plugins and widgets that you can directly place on any page of your website for easier interaction with your audience.  If you have the technical skills and knowledge of some of the languages I mentioned above than you can customize and further tweak the core functionality.

Facebook’s Toolbox

Facebook for Developers is the single source for accessing all its fancy add-ons and widgets.  Here you will find various tutorials and code snippets that will help you integrate your website with the growing social media platform.  The individual code snippets that you will find here are simple enough even for the novice users.  Others may require that basic technical knowledge that I’ve mentioned above.  I’ve personally found some great tutorials here that will guide you step-by-step in helping you implement a functionality of Facebook directly onto your website.