Facebook Like Button

Facebook has become the universal platform for connecting with others both personally and professionally.  Its fan base boasts over 500 million users from all parts of the Globe coming together for a social conversation.  You can too take advantage of this audience and share your Joomla website content by adding a ‘Like’ button to your Joomla website.  A great way to make others aware of the information you’re sharing on your website or blog and also make new connections while at it.

Adding a ‘Like’ Button to Your Joomla Website

Your Joomla website has lots of potential.  There are plenty of components, modules, and plugins out there that you can bolt on your website directly and accomplish some pretty amazing things.  Check out the Joomla Extensions Directory for more information and to browse all of the available add-ons.  Without further delay here’s how you can quickly add a ‘Like’ button to your Joomla website in a matter of minutes.

  1. Just as a security precaution I would recommend that you make a backup of your website just in case something happens.  It’s a standard procedure that’s recommended by all developers.
  2. Grab your copy of the Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button and save it to your desktop.  Full features can be found on the page above and further instructions for customization.
  3. Log in to the backend of your Joomla website and install the Plugin accordingly.
  4. That’s it.  You’re Done!

Having this ‘Like’ button Facebook option on your website will actually help boost your SEO rankings.  It’s one of the components that your website should have.