The Twittersphere or Twitterverse (whichever you prefer best) quickly became a top utilized business resource and a playground. All depends on how you look at it and from what perspective. It’s been a few years now since I’ve made my entrance into Twitter and quite frankly have seen some good and strange things occur. For the most part I’ll have to admit that it’s an excellent resource to utilize when building a brand. Micro blogging doesn’t appeal to everyone though. Particularly for those that abuse the power of Twitter by turning it into a circus act. I won’t throw out any names or handles for the sake of this article.

There are a few basic ground rules that should be followed when engaging with other tweeps.  For me these are extremely important and serve as a guide in helping me build a solid following of tweeps interested in interacting and communicating with me.

5 Reasons Why I’ll Unfollow You on Twitter

I Follow, You Follow

I follow people because there’s an interest in the information that they share in the Twittersphere.  The tweeps that I typically follow are those interested in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Blogging and trance music.  Yes, I’m addicted to it and have been for years.  If I follow you because you fall into those categories I would presume that you would do the same considering we share same interests.  If you don’t follow back it’s to no surprise that I’ll unfollow you.

You’re Spreading Rumors

Recently there’s been quite a few individuals that previously I’ve had an association with that felt like they would start false rumors.  That’s your prerogative and if it floats your boat go for it.  Matter of the fact is that I won’t withstand an association with individuals that talk behind my back or simply make falsified accusations.  I’ll unfollow you the minute I find out it’s you that has been talking behind my back without telling you about it.

You’re a Spammer

Quite frankly speaking by now Twitter should have an employed mechanism that filters spammers.  You would think so, right?  That would be a miracle come true but the reality of things is that it’s quite difficult to gauge something like that from an artificial intelligence standpoint.  Therefore without further ado I’ll unfollow you the minute I see spam-like activity in your timeline without any forewarning.

You’re an Amateur

Nowadays everybody’s a self-proclaimed social media superstar.  You seem to know all the ins and outs on how to profit from Twitter yet keep pushing the same handle for a couple years down the road now without any accountable ROI.  That’s a hypothetical scenario there by the way.  No, seriously if you’re engaging in worthless conversation that provide no value whatsoever I will surely unfollow you without telling you about it.  I do not like to associate myself with individuals that have nothing good to say or contribute in a meaningful conversation.

You’re a Constant Updater

If Twitter serves as your playground where you can throw out tweets by practicing a 5 second rule then be my guest.  Don’t expect me to condone such behavior though.  I admire individuals that provide tremendous amount of value by communicating this adequately.  Although when you start to flood my stream continuously it becomes a nuisance and simply irritates me.  You may not be realizing the affect this has on other tweeps but trust me when I say this that others are quite observant of your behavior.  Flood my timeline and I’ll unfollow you immediately.

The purpose of this blog post wasn’t directed or meant for anyone specifically.  It’s my belief that anyone involved in the social space should have a set of standard guidelines that they follow to ensure effectiveness and reach.  If you’re using Twitter to chat with your friends and that works for you, great.  You’re not the type of individual I want to associate myself with simply because there’s no value and interest there.