3 Reasons Emojis Will Enhance Your Tweeting Potential

Approximately 4 minute read

Emojis aren’t a new thing by any means. They have been used in text messaging endeavors for quite some time. Twitter seems to have caught onto this trend at last offering additional tweet potential. Emojis in tweets are highly recommended for increased level of user engagement and personality enhancement. During conversations consider inserting a few of the most commonly utilized emojis to show character.

Why Use Emojis in Tweets?

Twitter is signifcantly saturated and sometimes cluttered with unwanted junk. The levels of engagement from the early days are practically non-existent. So, in order to grab a person/brand’s attention you will need to exercise a level of creativity. Emojis of all things may seem like spam to many people. If you think about this from a human-to-human perspective though, emojis really aren’t an act of spam. In fact they help portray inner personality traits that a potential prospect of yours may find appealing.

Remember that we do business with people we like. Using that emoji may in fact help establish that missing likability by showing the other person that you are friendly, cheerful, optimistic, or even funny. For example, using a smiley face in a tweet may help portray you as someon who is flexible or easy going. Others may interpret usage of such emoji as an indication of being funny or entertaining.

People like things that are fun, entertaining, different.

The 3 Reasons Emojis Will Help Enhance Tweet Potential

Due to the heavy saturation and clutter on Twitter you will need to become a bit more creative. Emojis as previously discussed can help you portray across character and personality to potential prospects. But, before you go off and start emojing individual tweets with assertiveness, let’s break down why emojis can help enhance your tweet potential.

  • Entertainment – funny emojis indicate a certain level of vibrant character. People in general like entertaining things so this type of emoji may help you connect with others more seamlessly.
  • Character – remember what I said about being likable and doing business with other like-minded people? Emojis are a good way to show people your true colors. Well, not in its literal sense but at least give them a glimpse into your character. Finding a middle ground such as common interest in things may in fact be your ticket to the next deal. For example, I’m a cyclist and a golfer. So, naturally chatting with people of similar character and interest may perhaps open up a doorway into business new business potential.
  • Personality – being dull or close minded won’t get you anywhere. Especially on the Tweeterz. Emojis can assist with communication of personality traits to others. For example, the communication in a Type A vs. Type B personalities will be significantly different. Also, introverts and extroverts have a tendency of acting differently so one may be inclined towards openness while the other being more encapsulated.

Going on an emoji rampage isn’t something I would recommend either. In other words, keep the emojis to a reasonable amount without coming across as extremely spammy. The last thing you want to give your followers is a reason to ban you at will.


Simple Ground Rules for Emoji Usage in Tweets

Majority of smartphones running on iOS or Android support all sorts of emojis. That by no means given an indication for excessive usage of these visual characters. So, to keep you on your toes while tweeting, here are a few simple ground rules to keep at top of mind.

  • Keep the emojis to a reasonable amount in individual tweets. Usually 1-3 emojis within a single tweet are more than plenty.
  • Don’t be excessive or repetitive. For example, in tweet replies avoid reusing same emojis you have used in a previous response. That can simply come across as a bit aggravating.
  • Keep it within reasonable discretion. Coming across as a bit too aggressive or maybe even inappropriate through the usage of inadequate emojis can portray across a degrading perception of you in the eyes of others.
  • Use supportive emojis of your overall messaging. There is nothing more annoying than seeing irrelevant emojis in a tweet. That type of behavior will simply throw off your audience giving them mixed messaging.

Let the emojis immerse friends! But remember to follow some the guidelines mentioned above for best practices while ensuring good user engagement. Emojis are beneficial in tweets and amplify user engagement but only if utilized within reasonable means.