The tech geek in me lives on. Since about the age of 13 (or 14 perhaps for lack of better accuracy) I’ve been fascinated by all things technology related. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cars, and more. There’s something about technology that intersects with digital marketing. It helps me get work done while taking pleasure in doing it. So, essentially with the help of technology I’m able to accomplish what I truly like to do the most. I guess you could say that technology is inevitable and personally I’d be in a struggle spin if adequate tools were unavailable to me in attempt to achieve higher productive and efficiency in my work.

I’ve had my share of laptops and desktops. Most have been PCs quite honestly. Some I’ve owned personally and outright while others were work loaners. Macs are simply hands down a better choice all around. Why? Well, to me personally there’s one determining factor, longevity. The typical PC I’ve owned lasted no more than a couple of years before a motherboard went out or ran into miscellaneous RAM problems. On the other hand, Macs that I’ve had the privilege in working with as loaners from former employers were far more reliable. Yes, there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve on the operating system but one can pick that up fairly quickly.

My First MacBook Pro

After all these years I’ve arrived to the realization that money spent on some PCs went down the toilet. Really! The reliability, longevity, performance, and slick design itself are valid enough reasons to invest in a MacBook. So, I ended up taking the plunge from a financial aspect and decided to invest into one of my own, at last. I couldn’t be any happier about the ownership of my very own Apple product (aside from my iPhone that is). The world of possibilities with this new addition to my daily life seem endless at this point.