The days of the regular rotary phone have long gone and surpassed.  In this day and age where technology controls and reflects communication it is important that you stay connected on the Web.  This is also an important factor in the way that you connect with your audience and potential new prospects.  Communication via VoIP (Voice Over IP) has to be one of the easiest communication inventions and also a supplement for regular phones….soon to come.

Even though this particular post does not entail to any type of fancy tutorial, inside scoop how to hack into your boss’s computer (just kidding!), or make you the next million bucks I still thought it would be good to share.  After all I’m only human and not a robot that produces massive amounts of content for $0.05 cents a page (HA!).  Recently I spoke with a friend of mine on Instant Messenger (MSN Messenger to be exact) and we chatted about important and unimportant facts and myths about whatever.  I asked him for his Skype username so that we can connect together and talk in real time .  He replied back with the question, “What’s that?”.  I wasn’t quite sure how to break it to him but replied kindly, “You don’t have Skype?”  As the conversation developed I came to find out that he wasn’t the web savvy type of guy so it’s probably why he had no idea what I was yapping about.

The point here (just in case you missed it) is that if you are an online business store, e-commerce company, or simply do most of your work on the Internet than Skype shouldn’t be something new to you.  In fact, Skype has recently introduced mobile phones that work via Skype and are said to dominate the communications market greatly.  You can download Skype from the Official Skype Website and get up and running in a matter of minutes.  You can find an extensive definition of Skype and it’s power by someone who had a little too much time on their hands.  In my opinion anyway!

Some key features of Skype include:

  • FREE Calls to Anyone – Skype to Skype users ONLY.
  • Online Number – whether you are seeking personal number for your girlfriend to call you on or give the impression of business, Skype has you covered!
  • SMS – send a text message to anyone, anywhere, anytime!
  • VoiceMail – don’t miss another call.  Let your friends or customers leave you a message.
  • Call Forwarding – get your calls when you’re not stuck in front of your computer.  If you’re glued to it, then I suggest you get up and exercise for a minute 🙂
  • Full list of Skype features.

A couple of other thing I would suggest that you go out and buy if you don’t already have are a web cam and microphone.  These are essential to the usage of Skype and giving it the ultimate user experience as it should.  This can set you back in total around $50.00 USD or if you’re a big spender you can max that number out and arm yourself with top of the line web camera and microphone.

If you read this post and you liked it, enough to get started on Skype….give me a call!  You can find my Online Status in the header area of my blog.  Just click on that button and as long as Skype is installed on your computer you’ll be connected to me.

Please don’t call me in the middle of the night though because my wife my get cranky!