Menu Creation in Joomla
Menu Creation in Joomla

Joomla truly offers a great platform for anyone interested in building quality and professional websites.  For someone like me who has been using the content management system for over 5 years I’m finding out more features and capabilities that I wasn’t aware of previously.  The continuous development of the application and the upcoming launch of Joomla 1.6 will truly redefine the web development industry.  The days of hard coding pages and static menus are long gone simply due to time and money.  One particular addition to your Joomla website that you should have is the ability to create menus with an ease.

Creating Menu Navigation In Your Joomla Website

Whether you’re a novice at Joomla or an experienced developer with years experience in the application this particular tool will definitely save you some time.  SW Menu Pro offers creation of quick, elegant, and professional menus for your Joomla website.  It’s a component that bolts right onto the backend area of your website and gives you the ability to create quality menu structures.  Included in the package you will find a thorough documentation that will get you started and let you create enhanced menus for any part of your website.  The component itself comes with a few pre-defined menu styles (listed below) although gives you the ability to create your own style from scratch as well.

  • Trans Menu – a DHTML pop-out menu with a sliding effect.  Vertically aligned sub menus slide out of vertical or horizontally aligned top menu items.  Top menus is visible in non-JavaScript browsers and search engines.
  • MyGosu Menu – perhaps one of the most popular type of menus that this component for Joomla offers.  Vertically aligned sub menus pop out of vertical or horizontally aligned top menu items.  Top menu is visible in non-JavaScript browsers and all major search engines.
  • Dynamic Click Menu – a vertical DHTML click menu with sub menus that open beneath parent top menu items and retain active status whilst navigating pages.  The top menu is also visible to non-JavaScript browsers and all major search engines.
  • Dynamic Tab Menu – create slick and professional tabbed navigation on any part of your Joomla website.  This is a DHTML based horizontal menu that offers a mouse-over hover effect with a display of sub menus directly below each tab upon hovering.  This menu is also visible to all non-JavaScript browsers and visible in all search engines for indexing purposes.
  • CSS Tab Menu – a horizontal CSS based tab menu with no javascript in the active tab.  The top menu and sub menus are also visible in search engines and active in non-JavaScript browsers.
  • Tree Menu – if you’re seeking a classical/traditional look and feel this particular menu offers a folder-document style menu.

Getting Started with SW Menu Pro

Before you dive in and get your feet wet with this exciting component I’d suggest that you check out the SW Menu Pro Demo Site for some tutorials.  Here you can find a live demo of the component itself and test it out before you buy it.  You’ll also learn more about menus in general, their structure, and functionality.  This is primarily for individuals that are non-technical and may struggle understanding CSS from the start.

Did you enjoy this post?  Let me know how I can help you with your Joomla menus.