The Rise To The Top

The World of Marketing hasn’t exactly been peachy and with the nasty turn of events in 2009 it has left many businesses wondering what 2010 would offer.  Recently I came across a good article from that talked about some of the expectations business owners can look forward to in 2010.  Perhaps a bit of an old article now considering we’re halfway into the year yet I thought it would be something good to read upon and share with you.

Expensive marketing has been challenging small businesses for years as Fortune 500 companies and corporations alike have splurged on spendy campaigns that in the long run have less ROI than initially anticipated.  Some of you may recognize this type of marketing in the form of “offline marketing” including Newspapers, TV Ads, Radio Ads, and others.  To some extent this type of marketing has its advantages…………if you can dig deep enough in your budget.  Yes, your budget!  Something that many businesses have watched over like hawks in the course of last year.  Online marketing on the other hand has a few advantages that most still don’t realize…

” Cheaper, Faster, & Smarter “

For small business owners this type of marketing has huge potential but only if utilized properly. I’m referring to the usage of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media, & Blogging.  Who would have ever thought that most of these types of marketing strategies and tools are available for FREE to any business owner or consumer?!  Just to clarify that last statement I’m referring to SEO, SMA, & Blogging in particular.  These amazing outlets can provide tremendous exposure for your business, help you build your brand, and attract new prospects interested in your products and services.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….

The most expensive type of marketing isn’t necessarily fully functional and bulletproof.”

Get the full scoop on The 10 Big Marketing Predictions for 2010 and don’t forget to get your FREE copy of the actual document as well.  I hope that the short summary I have provided you with here about this valuable piece of marketing information will help with the success of your business endeavors.

Should you need some insight and guidance on this new type of marketing give me a shout and let’s have a conversation about it.