Each year, on the first Monday of September, the entire nation celebrates Labor Day. A commemoration of the American Labor movement and dedication to the social and economic achievements of workers. Also known as one of the craziest annual holidays where retailers reel in consumers thru special sales and promotions in attempt to clear out overstock. Americans embrace this holiday to the fullest extent with a variety of endeavors catered around anything and everything. Some use the opportunity to perform gardening activities around their homes while others shop ’till they drop taking advantage of the spectacular retail sales.

For myself on the other hand, shopping simply drives me nuts. Unless it’s something specific i’m seeking chances are I will not show my face at a retail store. This year like others prior myself, fiancee, and the parental units decided to venture out to Oklahoma City for a short weekend visit with my sister and brother-in-law. In some extent, I get rather excited of holidays such as Labor Day particularly due to a chance for an escape; for a short period of time anyway. As usual, we packed up the SUV and took off around 11:30 p.m. on Friday evening. For some reason nighttime driving seems appealing to members of my family. Personally I find some level of peace and comfort away from the raging daytime traffic in St. Louis.

The Drive to Oklahoma City

Driving brings a level of pleasure when immersing into a lengthy drive. It provides me the ability to think but also pure enjoyment. The trip to Oklahoma City is a rather scenic one (No, really). Nothing like strolling down HWY I-44 West being surrounded by nothing else but greenery and trees. Yes, it’s actually a rather boring drive especially after passing Joplin, MO. The exception in nighttime driving is the significant drop in traffic congestion. Each time we pass thru Joplin, MO and seeing the partial rebuild of St. Mary’s Hospital after last year’s tornado disaster, it really makes me think of those individuals and families who suffered thru the disaster. However it brings joy to my heart seeing that hospital be brought up from its ashes; modernized and significantly improved. The 7+ hours commute isn’t all that bad quite honestly but that’s contingent upon your own perspective

Oktoberfest on a Saturday…at 95F+ Temperatures?

Typically upon arrival at my sister’s and brother-in-law’s house, we tend to crash and catch up on some sleep until around mid-morning. At that point we all slowly emerge from our shells, plan breakfast, and discuss the activities for the weekend. This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending the Old Germany Oktoberfest. An annual tradition featuring authentic German cuisine since 1976. It was authentic alright including the bratwurst, schnizel sandwich, turkey legs, and of course plenty of alcohol. That didn’t help things any considering the nutrition and exercise program I started a little over two months ago. However, some of the food and beer got the best of me; in moderate fashion though. The weather was imply in-compliant and getting past one beer tasting simply seemed exhausting.


The food was great and company simply superb. I can’t say the same about the excruciating weather conditions causing heavy sweat and exhaustion. It was rather brutal on that Saturday but luckily plenty of tents including a performance stage were carefully setup for patrons. Like any other event I’d attend, especially Oktoberfest, I ended up walking away with a simple souvenir. That’s right, a Deutschland stein for those nights full of sorrows.

The Devon Tower in Downtown Oklahoma City

While maneuvering around OKC, we tend to often pass by downtown OKC. It’s not much to look at quite honestly especially in comparison to the STL riverfront. However I do enjoy seeing the Devon Energy Center tower and absorbing it’s magnificent architecture. Something about its rotunda-based design that makes downtown OKC and appealing location. The construction began in 2009 on the $750+ million project and complete in late 2012.


From afar during daytime it’s just the typical hightower overpowering other architectures in its surrounding. However during nighttime it’s a delight for your eyes when all its fancy lights lite up the sky in the downtown OKC area. Definitely a building that I enjoy seeing on multiple occasions each time we return to OKC.

Pleasant Dinner with Most Important People in my Life

Since their move to OKC from STL due to a job relocation, my sister and brother-in-law have shown us a new side of Bricktown each year we visit them on individual holidays. One particular establishment that we simply cannot get away from is Crab Town in the Bricktown vicinity of OKC. Nothing like cajun style food that’s so irresistible and luring for us all each time we visit. It almost feels like a tradition at this point making it a requirement for dinner.

Pic8 Pic9

The doors of Crab Town are simply an entrance to seafood heaven. This place is responsible for the introduction of crab legs to my fiancee who is now addicted to them. Also one of many reasons why we have dinner at this restaurant nearly each time we pay a visit to family in OKC.

Irresistible Gelato at Bricktown Candy Company

An evening in Bricktown wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Bricktown Candy Company. This place has hands town the best gelato I’ve ever tasted. No joke! Also lots of old-fashioned candy, soda pop, and preserved wall art from the 50’s and 60’s era. I highly recommend a stop here after a night out in Bricktown with friends or family. Needless to say that apparently as of recently a new addition of classic Ping Ball machine and Mrs. Pac-man are occupying a portion of the customer area. I must say that it brings back distant childhood memories.



Early Morning Fishing at Chandler Lake

It has been quite some time since I’ve seen a sunrise. Maybe since my mid 20’s when making my way home after a late night of partying with friends; or perhaps exiting a Denny’s restaurant after chowing down a delicious breakfast. I had absolutely no idea that sunrises in Oklahoma are absolutely gorgeous. We all decided to venture out to Chandler Lake for some early Sunday morning fishing. A morning that started out at 5:30 a.m. and ended around 11:00 a.m. when the sun reached a closer point.

Pic1 Pic2

The views upon the lake are simply mesmerizing. Maybe because it has been some time since I’ve stepped on a lake perhaps. It brings upon a whole new feeling and sense of emotions. Beyond words!



Admittedly I must state that these short trips to OKC are becoming more pleasant each time we venture out. Perhaps it’s distant getaway from home or maybe the curiosity of new surroundings that keeps me interested. Either way I most definitely enjoy these short trips and anxiously anticipate each new visit.

How was your Labor Day weekend?