How The Resistance Will Make You Stronger, Resilient, & Unstoppable

You can blow up your social media feeds where you are becoming more authoritative, influential, sparking awareness, and creating more powerful relationships. One of the main problems with social media and social media marketing is that there is too much fluff and crap on the Internet that is misleading a lot of people. social media works but only if it is done correctly. This is principally the same about anything that you do regarding business or life. Personally I am not a huge fan of writing these kinds of articles. However, once in a while when specifically I have seen growth using specific strategies of my own I get the feeling that I should share with the rest of the world.


Is Resilience The Answer?

RESILIENCE is the driving force behind everything. Your dreams. Your goals. In life and business, you must have a strong drive for resilience to accomplish the things you want. The main problem is that many people seek to accomplish

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