Remain Cautious of FireFox 3.5.11

FireFox 3.5.11 Bookmarks Issues

Recently I created a new blog post about the comparison of all top web browsers that are available on the web.  This particular one actually pertains to remaining cautious of FireFox 3.5.11 and how it has royally screwed up my desktop.  Well, I shouldn’t quite say “royally” as some may get offended by the language.  Although it has now been about a week since I upgraded to FireFox 3.5.11 and yet to find a trace of my long lost bookmarks.  That’s right folks!  I’ve lost approximately two years worth of bookmarked pages and resource information due to this upgrade.  This is one of those times that I’ll probably get a response on this post stating something along the lines of “Why not use an online service to store your bookmarks?” Exactly!  Why didn’t I use an online bookmarks storage service?


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