The web continues to move at a lighting speed creating drastic challenges in the marketplace for every business owner.  A true challenge that remains here is constructing a solid digital marketing strategy that’s inline with your products or services.  True, everyone’s an expert in digital marketing but only a select few have seen ROI.  When it comes to carving out a digital marketing strategy that’s solid, targeted and contains a good execution plan it’s imperative to consider all variables in play.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Social Media

While many remain skeptical about effectiveness of social media as a digital marketing strategy, truth of the matter is that over 42% of businesses in the U.S. alone in 2012 are engaging in social.  Social Media requires creativity, targeted content and plenty of community cultivation.










With so many social channels it’s hard to identify which delivers the most amount of targeted leads for your business.  Facebook now has over 845 million users with revenues skyrocketing due to increase demand by advertisers.  When it comes to your brand consider a Facebook fan page.  Facebook advertising also offers a targeted yet cost-efficient approach for reaching a specific audience and demographic.  More details and information can be found on the Facebook advertising page.

Tweeting may seem like an ineffective approach to internet advertising however over 465 million accounts in 2012 alone of which 92% utilize the micro-bloging platform for content marketing purposes.  Twitter has acquired the reputation for being known as the epic center of new brands.  Experienced social media companies are utilizing the platform for lead generation purposes primarily and so should you.  However before diving right in and pushing your first tweet consider having a structured social strategy for most effective reach of your target audience.

Interest-based marketing has emerged as a fairly new method of spreading the wealth of your brand.  As the #2 contender in the world, Pinterest holds untapped potential for just about any brand.  Given it’s not the most intuitive platform and will take a little bit of adapting.  If you’re familiar with pinboards like the ones you did in first grade then the rest should be fairly self-explanatory. Pinterest’s beta user base now surpasses a whopping 100 million.  Imagine the possibilities.

The days of business networking have drastically changed with LinkedIN in sight.  A network for business professionals from around the globe.  A few tips for creating exposure of your brand start with a company page/profile followed by LinkedIN Ads.  they typical CPC won’t surpass $1.00 USD which means more traffic and exposure.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Marketing (Also known as Pay-Per-Click Marketing)









The saying, “If you build it they will come” will only take you so far.  Competitive reach and lead generation requires a more suave approach in internet marketing.  Pay-Per-Click marketing platforms such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising offer marketers a competitive option in reaching their target audience.  You pay each time someone clicks on your ad that’s driven by a targeted search query a consumer used to find out about your products or services.  In most cases PPC is considered as a short-term strategy geared towards the immediate spark of your digital marketing campaign.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)









It’s one of the best hidden strategies in the marketing industry and one that’s considered strongly for long-term success.  A large portion of SERPs contain organic traffic.  It’s a collection of billions of websites each in competition for ranking on specific keywords and phrases.  When it comes to your brand it’s imperative that consumers find you.  To some it remains a myth that SEO actually generates results but in reality over 70% of consumers on the web today utilize a search engine for means of comparison shopping, product research, market research and much more.  Acquiring visibility for your website domain is critical for lead generation and longevity.  Check out the Search Engine Optimization Started Guide by Google on basic knowledge of how SEO works.