Having a business is one thing but reaching your target audience on the web can be a whole another ball game.  Local business listings have become an important component of any online marketing plan.  It offers visibility for your brand to internet users that are searching for local products and services related to you.  Most will admit that the internet caused globalization by giving us linkage to users in other continents.  I’m not here to dispute that by any means but what I do know is that your business needs a local listing.

Local listings, Facebook check-ins. FourSquare check-ins, Yelp, and Google reviews is what’s in.  Is your business leveraging the potential of each of these?

The anatomy of a business listing consists of local directories, your business address, the content, and customer reviews.  It’s important that each represent your company well and provide and insight over your competition.

Local Directories

These serve of extreme importance as they represent the local image of your brand.  It provides your physical address in addition to other businesses that are surrounding you.  Such information sparks interest in potential customers but also others that are seeking services from businesses located around you.  Proximity and visibility of your brand in these local directories is vital to lead generation and brand exposure.

The Content Of Your Business Listing

Perhaps the most crucial area of your local business listing.  Your content should be carefully tailored to provide useful information on your product and services.  Additionally it should be engaging and compelling in order to connect with your target audience.  Google Places offers the ability to include keyword terms for which your business will be visible on when searched by internet users.  These should be carefully carved out to represent accurately your products or services.

Your Customer Reviews

There’s nothing more comforting and satisfying than a happy customer.  As your customers engage in business with you they will also post a review of their experience on the web that will be associated with your business listing.  It’s extremely important that your customers are satisfied which will ensure that you receive a positive review on their experience.  Monitoring and administering your reviews will ensure that your business listing maintains a good status.  Such positive activity will reflect on your business image by providing a comfort level for all your feature clients.

Getting Started With Google Places

It takes a few minutes to setup your business listing.  Start at Google Places and get your business listing setup.  Begin communicating with your target audience and secure a positive image of your brand on the web.