dep_7279569-2012-Chinese-Year-of-the-Dragon-PatternThe day is December 31, 2012.  In a late morning on a snowy day I’ve found myself in realization of the various adventures occurred in this year.  It’s funny how the anticipation of a new year always seems so exhilarating until it surpasses us just in time for another one to slowly roll in.  Yes, they do go by fast especially the older you get.  So much has happened for me this year both in personal and business.  A reflection of those simply seems appropriate at the very least as I’m extremely thankful for such particular occurrences.

#5 Enhanced Personal Brand

In 2012 I’ve been able to strengthen my personal brand thru online and offline networking strategies.  A nomination for Top 100 Marketer in St. Louis Are was simply the mere start of the year.  Something that took me off-guard quite unexpectedly.  Additionally the Show Me The Blog Conference 2012 presentation on Google Analytics I did was another great milestone of my personal brand.  Definitely a short-term goal I had planned for myself and one with great turnout.

#4 Improved Content Marketing Initiatives

This past year served of critical importance to marketers such as myself.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learned was the necessity of content marketing for means of lead generation, increased brand visibility, authority, and thought leadership.  When I started my blog back in 2009 it was mostly due to curiosity and exploration.   I simply had no idea of what I’ve gotten myself into.  This year has shown me the true potential of blogging and opportunities created in sparking new relationships.  Quite the powerful approach for any marketer serious about dominating a niche area of their industry.

#3 New Career Opportunities

A dominant personal brand has contributed tremendously towards increased career opportunities for me in 2012.  Reflecting back on the year there were several questionable moments for me of my career path.  I’m extremely lucky to state that currently I’m holding the position of a Director Of Digital Marketing at a digital marketing agency in St. Louis, MO.  In addition to landing such role just within the first few months of employment I was also able to establish a local trend for digital marketing services that contributed to the following of other reputable companies in the area.  The encounter of this new role was largely due to my local social media and SEO influence that generated enough visibility and awareness to catch the attention of an agency owner.

#2 Launch of Social Media Club Of St. Charles, MO

In mid 2012 I was approached by a friend of mine in the interest of heading up the Social Media Club Of St. Charles.  Something that I found to be quite the unique opportunity and one that I embraced with no second thoughts in mind.  It’s a non-profit organization with over 300 chapters worldwide aimed at spreading the word on digital media literacy amongst other like minded individuals.  Frankly speaking the opportunity in itself psyched me when asked if I wanted to take part of the club.  Today I’m happy to report that as the club enters a new year it’s looking to be an even brighter one than 2012.

#1 New Relationships

In early 2010 I underwent a divorce that left me rather puzzled, depressed, frustrated, and perhaps even unmotivated.  After an 8 year long relationship of which 4 years of it spent being married, my e-wife and I decided to call it quits.  Perhaps a move that I was completely against for all types of reasons although one that was of a necessity.  In 2012 my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years decided to move in with me therefore escalating the stage of our relationship.  Little did i know that I was the lucky one with all the support and unconditional love this person has given me.  Someone that stands behind you with 200% support regardless of what you’ve set your mind upon.  If there’s one thing that I’m most grateful for in 2012 is the fact that I have someone who appreciates and validates all of my endeavors.  You’d be quite surprised at the difference such human being can make in one’s life.

Going into a new year I’m optimistic and perhaps rather excited of new beginnings it will bring to the table.  This past year was a great one even with its ups and downs that were simply unavoidable yet a great experience in the end.

I want to wish everyone a prosperous Happy New Year.  Thank You for all your support, interest, and engagement in 2012.  The pleasure has been all mine and certainly hope to connect with you in the following year.