One of the best hidden strategies for lead generation and brand awareness lies in targeted blogging initiates.  Truth of the matter is that over 42% of U.S. businesses in 2012 are engaging in some form of a content marketing strategy.  What’s the meaning of this?  How does blogging yield monies in the bank?

How do you come up with engaging content that will keep your users informed?

Personally content ideas come to mind during the strangest times…and places perhaps.  On certain instances it’s even while having lunch, driving or even just simply being detached from my computer (seems like that doesn’t happen often enough).  This particular instance is a prime example of creative mind flow.  It’s past midnight, alarm will go off in 4 hours to start the new day and I remain awake dedicated to carving out a new piece of content.

Why engage in blogging initiatives anyway?

A lot of new bloggers that enter the blogosphere are utterly confused as to how it all comes together.  Testing out the waters in identifying what works and what doesn’t.  Successful blogging takes time and patience that most simply are unwilling to invest.

Blogging represents a targeted lead generation approach.  A way for bloggers to engage with end users interested in learning more about their products or services.  It’s about building a network of trusted visitors and personal relationships.

Ok, so enough about that.  Biggest challenge to overcome here is mustering up good content for your blog.  It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to build an authoritative blog however will require some creative thinking, strategic planning and a tactical approach.  One that doesn’t need to necessarily break the bank.

Stay away from your computer if possible.

Hard to believe but actually quite true.  A computer is simply nothing else but a pure distraction that will get your mind floating in different directions.  Becoming utterly confused and having lack of focus is pretty typical.  Depart from your machine and enter a more relaxed/loose environment that has a bit more openness and offers a chance for brainstorming.

Carry a notepad, pen, or voice recorder

Sometimes ideas spark from within the strangest environments.  A great way to capture a thought or idea is by writing it down or recording it.  If you’re the type that likes to write things down on paper then carrying a notepad around with you may be quite useful.  Alternatively digitizing ideas can be as simply as hitting the record button on your mobile phone or voice recorder.

Utilize the power of the web – Google is your friend

You’re no expert to anything and everything.  Doing research thru Google or another favorite search engine will be an asset to you.  Engage in various search queries related to the subject you’re focusing on.  Tap into other favorite blogs that you may frequent during leisure time.  Some of today’s top blogs such as Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Social media Explorer, Social Media Today and Tech Crunch are prime examples for resources that can help you generate some content ideas.

Leverage Video Content Opportunities

Sites like YouTUBE or Vimeo contain plenty of video footage.  Narrow down the subject/topic that you’d like to write on and explore various video content to assist you with generating thoughts/ideas for your next blog posts.  Each network offers an intuitive search function to assist with your research.  I’ve personally used YouTUBE in the past to acquire additional information on a particular subject.