Get Found STL

It’s perhaps one of the few big questions that both recent college graduates and seasoned professionals ask themselves. How will I ‘Get Found’?  How will I get noticed – and stand out?  How do I apply the knowledge I’ve gained in school or throughout my career to make an impression?  These questions, for many in the Saint Louis area, remain unanswered.  If you’re struggling to find a new job or want to apply yourself more actively within the business community, then this article may help you out.

What Is Get Found STL?

Get Found STL ( is an online community hub for Saint Louis based professionals both seasoned and new to their industry.  A first class online community that gives St. Louisans the ability to connect with other like-minded individuals, grow their business, promote their company – essentially, a great place to build your own network.  Additionally you can share ideas and interact with others seeking to find a new career, offer business insights, highlight new trends, or simply engage in a conversation.  The overall goal of is to help boost local economic development, pushing local jobs, business and offer ways for others to “Get Found”.

“Just because we live in a challenging economy doesn’t mean that consumers don’t need us. Whether we have a product, service or talent to offer, it is our obligation to connect with others to promote ourselves and others. I wanted to create a community resource where businesses, charitable organizations and people join hands in efforts to rebuild St. Louis by generating capital, creating opportunities and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit,” says founder Mark Fournier, Creative Marketing Director, Abstrakt Marketing Group. – Begin Your Journey Here


Get Found STL is integrated with all major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter YouTube, and LinkedIN giving users the ability to seamlessly interact and share their business questions and interests.  Local affiliates and partners of the Saint Louis area are taking part within this community as well.  Some of them include St. Louis Non-Profit Organizations, Universities, Ad Agencies, and Business Networks.  An advanced job search tool enables a user to interact with the local job community by allowing them to create their own profile, share resumes, cover letters, engage in advanced job searches, and other flexible secure networking options.

Advertising Opportunities with Get Found STL

There are various advertising opportunities available for businesses of all sizes with An advanced online platform gives advertisers the ability to create multiple campaigns and drive targeted traffic to their domains. This unique online advertising platform includes a custom profile for each advertiser with the ability to create, edit, and manage their campaigns effectively.  Keep in the know of how fellow users of Get Found STL are interacting with your ads by tracking and monetizing various metrics available through its system.  Pay as you go, based on the amount of clicks and impressions that you’d like to receive on your ads.  For small to medium sized businesses in the Saint Louis area, this is a great opportunity to capture and attract a new audience. And for large corporations an opportunity to pull from the top talent in St. Louis or attracting outside talent and vendors.

Job Opportunities at Get Found STL

The job market still remains in shaky grounds and Get Found STL wants to help you find your next career opportunity.  An advanced job section gives both employers, recruiters, university career centers, and job seekers the opportunity to coexist.  For new college graduates this section boasts great potential and can help you start your career or transition into something more rewarding.

  • Job Seekers
    • As a job seeking you have full control over your career search giving you the ability to find and meet your future job interests.
    • Your Profile – one universal profile lets you gain access to the entire website including the job section.  Provide as much information as possible to ensure that employers will notice you.
    • Search Jobs – using Get Found STL’s advanced job search function you can browse thru various categories of jobs based on your own search criteria.
    • My Resume – upload your latest resume to ensure that potential employers can find out as much information as possible about you and your past work experience.
    • My Applied Jobs – track the different jobs that you’ve applied for previously and find out if you’ve been approved for an interview.
  • Employers
    • As an employer you have full access to Get Found STL and the ability to post and track positions you’re seeking to fill.
    • Your Profile – one universal profile to gives you access to all sections of the website including job postings.
    • Post Jobs – as an employer take advantage of the advanced job posting system that lets you post unlimited amount of job postings.  Create custom criteria for the potential candidates that you’d like to interview.
    • Track Jobs – find out which applicants have shown interest and would like to interview with you.
    • …and Much, Much More!

The Get Found STL Member Community

As a member of the Get Found STL community you will gain access to the member section amongst all others available on the website.  This is a unique section of the website that lets Saint Louisans interact in real time, share thoughts/ideas, and build their own network. The first thing you’re required to do on the website is to create your own profile.  It takes just a few minutes to set up and basic membership is FREE. It’s your first step to unlocking the doors to opportunities you’ve been missing out on. The member community area of offers some of the following features.

  • Members – view of Newest, Featured, Active, and Popular members at a glance.
  • Videos – a real time stream offering a quick glance at the latest videos that other members have uploaded and shared on the site.
  • Recent Activities – check out what others are saying and discussing within the community.  This section is a real time stream that shows the activity of other members of the site.
  • Latest Groups – find out what are some of the latest groups that members have created or currently actively engaged in.  Create your own group and start inviting others to it.
  • New Photos – see the latest photos from community members or upload your own by creating an album.
  • Who’s Online – find out who’s currently online and engage in a conversation.  A real time chat feature will be available soon as well that will let website visitors communicate easier.
  • Member Messaging – each member of the Get Found STL has their own private Inbox that gives you the ability to send messages to others.  A secured environment that lets you interact with your friends via your Friend list.
  • Advanced Search – find what you’re looking for by specifying your own criteria. For a site wide search.
  • Profile Pages – each user has a custom profile page that they can update and add onto at any time.  The url structure for each profile page is Search Engine Friendly therefore making it easy to remember.
  • Content Sharing – interact and share content from or to it via the other major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and YouTUBE.
  • SEF URLs – each section of Get Found STL’s website offers each to remember url structure.  One that search engines will find easy to index and also to share with your friends, family, or co-workers.
  • Mobile Friendly – are you on the go but want to take Get Found STL with you?  The website is mobile friendly with any major mobile device including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android.  Get access to all of the website’s sections on the go and never stay out of reach.

Interact with Get Found STL on Social Media Networks

There are various ways to stay in touch with the community and find out more information on the latest happenings.  Get Found STL maintains an active communication with all major social media networks letting its fans take part and interact with the community.  Find Get Found STL on the following networks.

Based on the recent conversation that I’ve had with Owner & Founder of Get Found STL Mark Fournier he’s stated that the BETA testing of Get Found STL will commence in the first week of April 2011.  This will give beta testers the ability to test functionality of the website prior to its future launch.  Sign Up today on the Get Found STL Facebook fan page to be a beta tester of the new website.

Are You Ready to Get Found in Saint Louis?