Website Importance
Website Importance

Today I got a chance to view one of the latest posts from David Siteman Garland who also runs and operates Actually to be quite honest it’s one of the main reasons that I decided to write this post before the end of the day was over.  How Important Is Your Website to Your Audience? – You tell me!  The Web 2.0 era and soon web 3.0 is only expanding and will get to a point where we won’t be able to live without it in day-to-day communication and operations.  There are many websites out there that are utilizing all marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN and aren’t seeing results that they had expected.

You really won’t see much of a result from these marketing channels if you don’t know how to properly use them.  That’s right.  Just because you have a Facebook Account, a Twitter Account,  or a LinkedIN Profile doesn’t mean that you’re a professional social media expert.  As a matter of fact if you’re utilizing these tools for business you should be more careful about what you do on the web and how you do it.  It’s all about providing valuable content to your audience and potential prospects.  Your website should be your ultimate lead generator which needs lots of optimization, management, and nurturing to ensure that it performs well.

Your Website Content

Some people just don’t get it frankly.  Providing valuable content to your audience will only help create more opportunities for your business.  The old days of “Hey, I can do this better than your competitor” just because you said so are long gone.  People look for value these days and one of the best ways to show them that you’re valuable to them is to provide plenty of information on the subject matter.  By doing this you will create authority and prove to your audience that indeed you do know what you’re talking about.  If you utilize social media channels such as the ones I mentioned above make sure that you’re offering fresh content and ideas to those listening.  Follow reputable Twitter users and compliment on their content because you too find it valuable.  If you’re on Facebook associate yourself with individuals or companies that you’d like to ideally do business with.  Show them that you’re valuable to them by offering plenty of content on how they can improve their business and acquire more leads.  In time people will communicate with you accordingly and appreciate you for the information you’ve provided to them.

Your Blog As a Marketing Tool

There’s a new blog popping up everywhere nowadays or it seems that way anyway.  Most web users are under the impression that just because you have a blog that makes you an expert in your industry.  Having a blog is more than just a look and feel.  You have to be consistent with it and ensure that you’re providing new information on regular basis.  It’s not easy for most and the consistency factor seems a bit challenging.  That’s half the fun though.  Utilize your blog as a business tool, be consistent with the information you provide, and ensure that you’re spreading the wealth (as SexyBookmarks states).  Push your content onto those fancy social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIN. You know, the ones you’ve been telling everyone about and how experienced you are with them?

Search Engine Optimization – Full Potential for Visibility

SEO may seem to you a sour subject or a field that you’re not particularly interested in.  You should be though!  Growing your business organically starts with proper visibility in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  With over 80% of the web traffic flowing thru and over 70% of consumers performing online shopping, comparison, and research you have to ask yourself – Do I care about SEO and SERPs?  It all ties back into your content on your website and how you present it to your audience.  SEO is all about providing valuable information to potential prospects and letting them know why they should choose you over the competition.  It’s what people care about and want to know.  If you were to position yourself as a consumer identify some individual key points of interest that you’re particularly interested in.  Study the way you’d approach in gathering information about those points and you’ll prove to yourself the importance of SEO.

Utilizing The Mobile Platform

Having a website in itself simply isn’t enough anymore.  Consumers want information on demand, on the go, and right now as we speak.  Sharing your content can be easy by providing your visitors with a mobile version of your website that they can access on the go.  The mobile website accessibility will only continue to grow and get bigger.  Ensure that your website is mobile friendly and communicates accordingly with all major wireless devices such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or any other similar device.  In other words you’re providing a lightweight version of your website to your visitors and giving them the option to access your content on the go.

Still don’t get it?  If you’d like to get some reassurance and “No Fluff” (Thanks David) on what I said check out the 5 Big Web 2.0 Marketing Tips for Hustling Entrepreneurs.